The world recently witnessed a huge spat between Edison Cavani and Neymar Jr as both men argued over who should take a penalty kick. At the time, Paris Saint-Germaine was up against Lyon, a match that failed to show the quality the club possesses.

What the game showed, however, is that Neymar is the man at PSG, and the sooner Cavani comes to realize that, the easier things will be. The club didn’t choose to spend a worldwide record-breaking fee to sign the Brazilian just for him to settle for the second spot.

As time goes by, the entire system at PSG will be formulated around Neymar and his ability to score goals.

Not to mention, several of his Brazilian teammates are members of the club, and they will stand behind their captain in any situation.

We saw this happening after Dani Alves picked up the ball in a bid to allow Neymar to take the penalty kick. More of this will happen, and as such, Cavani will have only one decision left, and that is to leave Paris Saint Germaine in the future.

Edison Cavani is 31-years-old

Interestingly enough, Cavani’s time at the club is coming to an end. He’s 31 now, and clearly, the former Brazilian star was brought in to replace him. Eventually, he’ll have to come onboard with what’s happening, because there’s a new king in town and he’s eager to take his throne.

Being the main guy was a dream of Neymar from the days of Barcelona.

However, that’s Lionel Messi’s domain, and no good would come of it if he tried to unseat Barcelona’s most influential player. Messi is like a god in Spain, and the fans would definitely refuse to choose Neymar over him.

Not to mention, both Messi and the Brazilian captain have a fruitful relationship, so there was no need to destroy that.

Neymar destined to take control

Now then, with Neymar at PSG and a host of is Brazilian teammates around him, the player will be looking to assert his control and become the club leader he has always wanted to be. Still, not everyone agrees with the way he has acted over the years, and one such person is Rene Simoes.

Back in 2010, the former Brazil Coach said someone needs to educate Neymar because failure to do so could allow for the creation of a monster.

Some might say Simoes’ fears have come true, while others might disagree.

Whatever the case may be, Neymar is a young player looking to carve his future outside of others. He wants to become the next Brazilian legend, and doing so requires some hatred here and there.