The Nebraska football team has played exactly one game this season. In fact, there is just a handful of college football team has played more than one game. Despite these facts, there are plenty of "experts" out there who believe they know how the bowl season is going to shake out. Yes, these are way too early. Way too much can happen between now and the end of the season. Teams like Texas A&M thought they were running out to a big win in their first week of the year before it all came crashing down in the span of one-half of football.

At the same time, we know that most conferences are tied to specific bowl games and we can, of course, come up with predictions on how teams are going to do from here on out, with a few potential tweaks here and there based on week one performances.

The early bowl predictions for the Nebraska football team show matchups against some intriguing teams. It's also interesting to see that after one week of full college football, there are experts that have landed on the Huskers going to the same bowl games. It shows there is some version of science put behind these predictions.

Nebraska football heading to the Outback bowl?

Prognosticators from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, College Football News and SECcountry have all put together their early predictions of where the Nebraska football team might spend its bowl season. Interestingly, both ESPN and CBS Sports think the Cornhuskers are headed to the Outback Bowl. The other conference that is supposed to square off against a Big Ten team in this bowl is the SEC but the two websites disagree on which SEC squad the Cornhuskers will be facing against.

David Hale at ESPN believes LSU is going to facing off against Nebraska, while CBS Sports thinks it's going to be a rematch from 2014 against Georgia. I'll admit, I'd be pretty happy to take on either one of those teams. It's been a long time (a 1987 Husker victory) since Nebraska has squared off against LSU so that would be my preference.

Nebraska vs Stanford in the Holiday Bowl

The Cornhuskers vs the Cardinal would be a neat matchup if only because we simply don't play them .. like almost never. Sports Illustrated has them going up against one another for the first time since 1941. If the Cornhuskers could play Stanford this year and win, that would be some serious revenge served cold.

Stanford won the only game the two have played against each other, 21-13.

Quicklane Bowl the consolation prize

Less attractive for a number of reasons, College Football News and SECcountry both believe the Huskers are headed to the Quicklane Bowl against an ACC team. College football news has them going against Syracuse and SECcountry has them against Pittsburgh. The Nebraska football team hasn't played Syracuse since 1984 and holds an all-time record of 5-7 against the Orangemen.

The record is even worse against the Panthers. Nebraska is 6-15 all time against Pitt. That insanely bad record is despite the fact that the Huskers have won the last three matchups, including Bill Callahan's squads sweeping a home and home series in 2004 and 2005.