NBA trade rumors are still swirling around Carmelo Anthony, and the Knicks are looking at all options for a possible trade. There is no doubt that Carmelo loves to play for the Houston Rockets, but it turns out that the New York Knicks and the Rockets have already looked into options.

There seems to be no news about the Rockets acquiring Anthony, but there might be other teams that are still interested in the power forward. The NBA opening night is on October 17, and Carmelo is yet to be traded. If the Knicks strike a deal with the Houston Rockets, there might be another third team involved in the trade.

Portland Trail Blazers to strike a deal?

Many teams would love to get their hands on a player like Carmelo Anthony. One such team is the Portland Trail Blazers. According to Yahoo, Portland's point guard Damian Lillard stated that Carmelo Anthony does not seem opposed' to playing with Trail Blazers. Apparently, Lillard has already had a conversation with Carmelo, but they are yet to move forward considering trade options.

On the other hand, Carmelo Anthony has an advantage with his no-trade clause. Lillard stated that he did not persuade Anthony in playing for the Trail Blazers. At the end of the day, it depends on the New York Knicks to arrive at a conclusion for Carmelo's trade.

Will the Knicks retain Anthony?

Both the Knicks and Carmelo are comfortable with each other. That said, there are possibilities for things to take a turn. The 33-year-old NBA star has been with the Knicks for a long time. He also has the option to sign a contract extension with the Knicks. Carmelo is now heading to the list of veteran players, with his age and experience there will be no difficulty going to play for any team.

If things go well for the Blazers and Knicks, Carmelo could soon be on his way. Portland will form a strong team of core players like Lillard, C.J. McCollum, Carmelo, and Jusuf Nurkic. However, the deal will not come off easy as there are many hurdles to jump. Looking at the Trail Blazer's standpoint they could tempt the Knicks with players like Moe Harkless, Ed Davis, and Meyers Leonard.

They could also offer them a future NBA draft pick.

Given the current situation, it seems that Carmelo will be present at the Knicks training camp by this month end. NBA trade deals could change instantly according to the team and players preference. As of now, New York is still home for Carmelo Anthony.