For Rajon Rondo, joining yet another ballclub will require him to make adjustments. However, the veteran guard believes that his job will be easier with Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Jrue Holiday around.

This early, it would be hard to tell if Rondo can recall the old form that made him one of the best guards in the NBA. Since leaving the Boston Celtics, the 31-year-old found his career in disarray and tainted with several personal issues that earned him the moniker of a problem player.

That included stops in Dallas (Mavericks), Sacramento (Kings) and the Chicago (Bulls) where Rondo had run-ins with the coaching staff.

Could the same hold true against Alvin Gentry of the Pelicans?

Rondo needs to be the stabilizer

With his wealth of experience, Rondo needs to realize that he is the expected stabilizer for a team boasting of a tall and deadly frontline. Davis and Cousins are certified all-star center-forwards, though their ability to co-exist has been questioned to date.

The difference lies on the playmaker, which in this case is Rondo. Known to make his teammates look good, the all-star guard will have to bark out plays and make sure to remind both Cousins and Davis what they should do and where they should be.

Rondo was able to do that in Boston, aiding Kevin Garnett and the rest of the big men like Glenn Davis and Kendrick Perkins.

The 6-foot-1 guard was able to hold the Celtics together, a team oozing with talent.

Aside from Cousins and Davis, he also has Jrue Holiday to work with. With most of the slots filled with young and future NBA stars, it will be up to Rondo to keep them together and guide them on and off the floor this coming season.

Bar set high for coming season

Rondo has barely settled in with the Pelicans. However, it seems that for the short time that he has been in new orleans, he is already confident about their chances.

Aware that Cousins, David and Holiday can deliver the points when called upon, all Rondo will have to do is focus on playmaking and hit his teammates at the right spot.

From there, he expected them to do what they do best and hopefully play unselfishly. Rondo mentioned this during an interview with the Times-Picayune.

The role of Rondo for the Pelicans is pretty clear – experience and playmaking. Despite a bumpy couple of years, New Orleans could be the place where he can re-establish himself as one of the NBA’s premier point guards.

Gentry and company have their work cut out for them with plenty of powerhouse teams. Right now, the immediate goal for New Orleans is to win as many games as they can. The playoffs are within sight – perhaps a modest goal to aim for.