LeBron James attended the Cleveland Cavaliers media days event to talk to reporters about a number of things, including his thoughts on President Donald Trump, Dwayne Wade’s impending free agency, and his opinion on former teammate Kyrie Irving. James was all smiles and delivered both serious and sarcastic answers to questions but Bleacher Report indicated that he seemed pretty cut-and-dried when it came to his thoughts on his relationship with Irving now that he has left the Cavs.

“I don’t have any advice for [Kyrie Irving] now,” LeBron told reporters.

“If my son went to another team and we was playing against each other, I’m not giving him s**t.”

Kyrie Irving is now the enemy

When Kyrie Irving went to the Cleveland Cavaliers front office and demanded they trade him, he made it abundantly clear what the problem was with him and the organization. Kyrie was tired of playing second fiddle to LeBron James when it came to the team, the fans, and the coaching staff. When the team did great, it was because of LeBron. When the team did bad, it was because of Kyrie – or at least that is how it came across in the NBA playoffs last year.

There was also the problem with LeBron James and his refusal to commit to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It seemed like, every year, LeBron was involved in a “will he stay or leave” situation.

The worst thing about the 2017-18 NBA season is that LeBron is almost surely going to leave next summer. He also won’t give up his no-trade clause, which means he will leave Cleveland with nothing in return. Kyrie Irving might have seen that coming and wanted out before the entire organization collapses under the weight of James’ next decision.

There is also the fact that Kyrie Irving was not just traded to any team. The Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie to the Boston Celtics, the team that won the Eastern Conference in the 2016-17 regular season and challenged the Cavaliers until the Eastern Conference Finals last postseason. As LeBron said, he is playing against Irving now and he knows that Boston is the one team that can challenge Cleveland this season.

LeBron James ready for the new season

With Kyrie Irving gone, Isaiah Thomas is in town, arriving in the same trade. Thomas will be back earlier than expected. LeBron also said in the media days interview that he was planning on calling Dwyane Wade and trying to see if the Cleveland Cavaliers can sign him to join them, making the Cavs lineup an All-Star affair with LeBron, Thomas, Wade, Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love. Of course, James is not willing to give Kyrie any advice. He is busy trying to figure out how to beat the Golden State Warriors again.