Google is in the process of updating its major platforms. It is bringing about subtle but visible changes to most prominent of its Services. The company, according to a report by Gadgets 360, has applied changes to its privacy and security dashboard settings too. In terms of design, the options have been given a less cluttered look. Therefore, it makes it easier for users to find out what Google knows about them.

Everything Google users must know about the service

Users tend to scroll through, and enter their personal information on a lot of platforms through Google’s services like Chrome and Play Store.

Most of the times, the information is discarded. There are times when Google automatically stores the information for later use. There are many users who began posting complaints on Google’s official forum page and they pointed out how this was a privacy breach. Many people even accused the search giant of using the information to their benefit. This is especially scary because many users even store their pictures on Google Drive.

Last year, the company offered two gigabytes of storage space on Google Drive to its users. In an effort to meet the growing needs of its consumers, Google has now decided to strengthen the transparency that they share with them. The new design change makes it easier for users to find out what Google knows about them.

Google took to its official blog post to make an announcement regarding this. They suggest that the update will be rolled out to all the users worldwide in the days to come.

'My Activity' and 'My Account,' here are the details

For those who aren’t aware, Google’s Dashboard platform consists of user’s “My Activity” and “My Account” options.

This platform was launched back in 2009, with the objective of storing all of user’s information in one spot. The system is designed in a way as to record all of user’s activities for future use. Users are given the option of deleting their activities and clearing the history from the “beginning of time.” The company also assures that the information shared with Google will be confidential.

Thanks to the latest changes, users will now be able to have a “more Transparent” relation with Google. The company will notify users of what information it tracks. There are many other security enhancements that the users will benefit from. The smartphone’s privacy setting option also received a revamp.