The Los Angeles Dodgers are chasing 100 wins. The Milwaukee Brewers are making a playoff push towards the wild card. While this is going on, others are looking toward the future. Even though there are two months left in the season, talking about potential free agents is never too early. For some teams, they are going to have some mysteries on their hands as the following players have opted out clauses in their contracts.

Masahiro Tanaka-New York Yankees

Tanaka was one of the worst pitchers in the majors in his first 12 starts as he pitched to a 6.55 #Earned Run Average.

In his last 12 starts, he has pitched a 3.38 earned run average. Tanaka is just 29 years old and has $67 million left on his deal.

He could make $22.3 million if he opts in next season. Signs point to Tanaka opting out of his deal. The market for starting pitching is weak this offseason. The starters are led by Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta. Tanaka could probably find a team to overpay, so he could make more than what is left on his current deal.

Justin Upton-Los Angeles Angels

Upton was recently traded to the Angels as he has spent most of the season with the Detroit Tigers. Upton could make $22 million if he opts in next season. Upton has lived up to his All Star form as he is hitting .280 with 26 home runs.

Upton is just 30 years old and is going to try and help the Angels make the postseason. Personally, I think Upton opts in with the Angels. Upton is still young enough to secure a long term deal, and nobody is going to match his $22 million salary this offseason.

Johnny Cueto-San Francisco Giants

A lot of reasons for why Tanaka is likely going to opt out could be applied for Cueto.

Cueto is on the second worst team in the National League. He signed a six-year, $120 million contracts two years ago. Cueto is older, and not necessarily the same dominant pitcher that landed him ace status when he was with the Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals. With that being said, Cueto is likely going to opt in next season.

Plus, general manager Brian Sabean has made public comments about reloading and making the Giants contenders next season. Remember, the Giants made the playoffs last season.

Matt Wieters-Washington Nationals

Wieters signed a one-year deal that was a two-year deal with an opt out. Wieters is a former All Star catcher with the Baltimore Orioles. He is having a career worst season offensively as he is hitting .233. All signs point to Wieters opting in and staying with the Nationals.