US President Donald Trump has been the target of most sports leagues as of late, but it doesn’t seem like the 71-year-old is about to calm down. In fact, the tirades continue, and now the current leader of the 45th President of the United States has branded NFL team owners scared of their players.

Most have probably heard or read about the kneeling protests made by players. The gesture is best tied up with Colin Kaepernick, something that most believe has been preventing him from hooking up with an NFL team. While that remains up for debate, the sudden increase in players who have done the same has come a bit of a surprise.

NFL owners don’t take orders from Trump

Appearing on “Fox and Friends,” Trump believes that “most people agree with him.” This was also the time that he criticized players and claimed that he lots of friends who were team owners. "I think they are afraid of their players if you want to know the truth, and I think it's disgraceful," he said.

However, NFL spokesperson Joel Lockhart believes that Trump’s statements are “inaccurate.” Further, he adds that there is no league-wide directive to handle the situation which seems to be getting out of hand. Worse, Trump has drawn his fair share of criticism from other factions such as the NBA.

The issue may be larger than Trump thinks

Trump has been known to be brash and someone who will not back down.

Hence, it comes to no surprise that he would point out several things such as stadiums having empty seats, not to mention singling out rules on varying cases. Trump bats that the rules are there, though his tirade against racial and social injustice have somehow gone astray. Players either kneel or lock arms, united against the world leader who doesn’t seem inclined to stand down.

Right now, Trump is a bit aware that all he can do has jab back at the demonstrations and criticize. As far as addressing the situation to reach a compromise, nothing has come close to solving it. Fans and players are divided on the way Trump has handled the racial and social injustice situation. Hundreds of players are protesting, and the numbers are likely to swell.

The nation seems divided right now with Trump unsurprisingly not letting up. It remains to be seen however how long this will hold up and avoid the situation from getting out of hand.

US President Trump recently drew criticism for withdrawing the traditional invite of having NBA champion teams at the White House. The Golden State Warriors were supposed to be guests, but Trump grew irate at sentiments made by players like Steph Curry. Like the NFL, it has lit a fire, though it remains to be seen if basketball players will do a protest of their own.