The Super Bowl Champions opened their latest season looking susceptible. The New England Patriots hosted the Kansas City Chiefs on a night when New England would begin the defense of their championship. The pre-game featured a Super Bowl ceremony attended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell along with a number of celebrities and Patriots stars from over the years of their Super Bowl successes. Among them were Julian Edelman, Deion Branch, and Kevin Faulk. However, it wasn't the Patriots' night as the Chiefs had several big offensive players in the second half to win the game by two touchdowns.

Here's how Kansas City grabbed a 42-27 win over New England to open the season.

NFL game recap

In tonight's game, it was quarterback Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs who had the biggest performance of the night. Smith ended up throwing 28-for-35 and had 368 yards along with four touchdowns. Rookie Kareem Hunt had an impressive debut for the team as well, as he rushed for 148 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries. He also had another two touchdowns as a receiver with 98 yards receiving on five catches. Receiver Tyreek Hill also came up big with seven catches for 133 yards and a touchdown.

The New England Patriots got 267 yards on 16-for-36 passing from veteran Tom Brady.

Running back Mike Gillislee scored all three of the team's touchdowns on the ground and finished with 34 yards on 15 carries. For the receivers, it was Dammy Amendola with six catches for 100 yards and Brandin Cooks with 88 yards on three receptions.

The game started out in favor of the Patriots, but both teams ended up with touchdowns to end the first quarter.

At the half, New England held the 17-14 lead. The Pats outscored the Chiefs 10-7 in the third, but it was the fourth quarter when Alex Smith and the Chiefs erupted. The team had a total of 21 points on three touchdowns to expose a usually well-prepared Patriots defense on their home field.

Standings and what's next

It was just the first game of the new NFL season for both teams.

However, there were plenty of sports analysts who were speculating the New England Patriots would run the table and go 16-0. That won't be the case now as they start at 0-1 for the NFL season. They get a chance to bounce back in Week 2 when they'll be on the road for their next game on Sunday, September 17th, when they visit the New Orleans Saints at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Kansas City Chiefs get a good start to their season as they are now 1-0. They'll get their next game on Sunday, September 17th when they host the Philadelphia Eagles at 1 p.m. Eastern Time.