While the Chicago Cubs look like they’re headed to the post season for the third straight year, this season has hardly been one without drama. Some brand new drama surfaced on Sunday night, thanks to a former member of the team, who seems to hold some ill will towards his former coachces.

Brett Anderson took to Twitter on Sunday night, shortly after his second straight decent appearance for the Toronto Bluejays. While he departed the Chicago Cubs on what seemed like good terms, it appears he still harbors some ill will. The Sunday night tweet was seemed to indicate it was the Cubs coaches and not his own approach that was the problem with his performance in Chicago.

“It's crazy what happens when you aren't tinkered with and can just go out and pitch.” Anderson tweeted out.

Former Chicago Cubs pitcher finding new life

Anderson was released earlier this summer by the Cubs and went unsigned for a short period of time. During this time, the pitcher seemed to be mostly complimentary about his former team. It appears some of those niceties were being offered up simply because he wanted to land another gig.

Along came the Toronto Bluejays. Since landing in the AL East, Anderson has gone 5.2 innings and allowed six hits and no runs in one outing, while going six innings and allowing three runs in his second outing.

Apparently pretty happy with his performance for the Bluejays, he made it clear he feels his struggles with the Chicago Cubs has to do with tinkering from Chris Bosio and company.

While the pitcher did not specifically call out the Cubs or Bosio by name, what he is talking about here hardly seems to be much of a secret.

The Cubs and their tinkering

It should be pointed out that Anderson isn’t the only player who has talked about tinkering. Outfielder Jason Heyward has had the team working with him on his swing ever since he arrived in Chicago. For the most part, that tinkering too, hasn’t been a particularly positive experience. Even with a recent hot streak in the books, many people believe Heyward has been “broken” when it comes to being anywhere near the offensive performer he was in the years directly proceeding his arrival on the Cubs.

What makes Anderson’s complaints so interesting is that Bosio has largely been considered a positive addition on the coaching staff. Pitchers like Jake Arrieta and Kyle Hendricks have credited him with helping to make them better pitchers. As of now, the Chicago Cubs are taking the high ground and haven’t responded to the tweet.