Remember when Matt Barkley was thought to be the franchise quarterback the Chicago Bears were looking for? We don't really either. The franchise appears to believe it has its franchise quarterback, though it's not clear which QB it truly believes that is. There is the man who has taken all the regular season snaps so far in Mike Glennon. Then there is the man most of the fanbase would like to see. Mitch Trubisky is rotting away on the bench while the season already goes down the tubes and John Fox continues to believe the team's problems are much bigger than who is behind center.

Chicago Bears follow win with big loss

For his part, Mike Glennon hasn't looked nearly as bad as some Bears fans want to claim. He did actually have a pretty good game in week two against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He even managed to lead his team to a victory that many would have found impossible going into that matchup. By all accounts, the Steelers are the favorites to win a weak AFC North. Chicago is the odds-on favorite to finish dead last in a rather strong NFC North division.

On Thursday night, Mike Glennon wasn't all bad. He completed 21 of 33 passes for 218 yards and a touchdown. The problem was that he also threw two interceptions and generally didn't help an offense that struggled to get out of the starting gate.

The Chicago Bears lost their marquee matchup against the Green Bay Packers. That's even more frustrating for Chicago fans because the Packers haven't looked like the juggernaut many fans thought they would be at the start of the 2017 season. The Bears defense was actually fairly efficient, as they held the pack to 260 total yards.

The 35 points is another matter entirely. Glennon also had two fumbles, making that somewhat efficient passing night look quite a bit worse. After the game, head coach John Fox commented on the game, but would not lay the blame at the feet of the veteran quarterback most want to see replaced.

Problems abound for Chicago Bears

Changes could be coming for the Bears sooner rather than later. ESPN reports Fox was quite noncommital when it came to a QB change after the game. "We need to make a lot of changes. We will evaluate everything, and we've got a lot of work to do before we line up against Minnesota. We are going to look at everything."

It's not clear just what else Fox thinks needs to be looked at. While the Chicago Bears allowed 35 points, the four turnovers by Glennon often put the defense in a bad position. We'll see as the season goes on, just what the coach meant.