Chelsea continued its upward trend as the club managed to defeat Leicester City two goals to one. It wasn’t the best game in the world for The Londoners, but a win is a win, and that’s the most important thing for Antonio Conte.

It was always going to be a rough game for Chelsea since the team was playing away from home. Leicester had the home field advantage and used it to keep the pressure on Chelsea for much of the second half. The problem with the Foxes in this game was the fact that they took too long to get things going.

If they got the ball rolling earlier, they could have pulled off a draw or even a surprise win, not to mention, Jamie Vardy was the only front man for Leicester City that was looking to do some serious damage.

Early lead and who else but Morata

Alvaro Morata is proving himself to be a competent goal scorer for Chelsea, but only when using his head. This is not an attack against the striker because he delivered an impressive header to give the Blues the lead. However, he had several chances to show fans that he can score by kicking the ball, and he failed at that.

There was one point where Morata was at the end of an excellent pass that had him facing-off with the opposing goalkeeper, and, not surprisingly, he threw it away.

One can say that at least he’s scoring goals, but let’s see him perform against bigger teams first. That chance will come on September 17, 2017, when the Blues go up against the Arsenal in another must-win match.

N’Golo Kante from distance

Kante is capable of running for a full 90 minutes, and even in the dying moments, he can kick in the afterburners if he wants to. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that he scored a goal from a distance, a goal no one saw coming.

Now, it wasn’t a spectacular goal, but it caught everyone by surprise.

More of this and Chelsea might go on to win the UEFA league, maybe.

Jamie Vardy would not be denied

Vardy must be an angry man these days since many of his teammates who helped Leicester City win the 2015-2016 League title have left. The days of having superb support from the midfield are over due to Danny Drinkwater’s recent move to Chelsea on deadline day.

Nonetheless, the Blues found it hard to keep him under control, and that led to a well-deserved goal. Still, it wasn't enough to draw or win the match.

All in all, it was an exciting game, especially with the return of Eden Hazard. Future games will be difficult, but the Blues have a strong team, and as such, they should pull through.