The Chelsea match against Burnley was an important one for Antonio Conte as he sets out to prove his team has what it takes to win the english premier league for the second time in a row. However, things took a terrible turn in the 14th minute after Gary Cahill was sent off with a straight red card for a dangerous tackle.

That single mistake by Cahill cost the Blues the game as the team went down 3-2 in favor of Burnley. It was a shocking defeat, but not a complete disappointment since the team played well enough. The main issues came from a defense without Cahill and Thibaut Courtois failing to as a goalkeeper.

Chelsea in need of more talent

Interestingly enough, the match also goes to show that Chelsea needs more players and quality ones at that. Without the likes of Eden Hazard and Diego Costa on the pitch, Chelsea doesn’t pose much of a threat when attacking.

The UEFA Champions League is just around the corner, and Chelsea cannot allow itself to lack the best talent. There needs to be someone who can replace Hazard if he’s injured, and right now, Chelsea lacks such a player.

Not to mention, with Barcelona rumored to be going after Hazard with a €120 million bid, things could get sticky if the player decides to walk. There’s no guarantee Philippe Coutinho will leave Liverpool, and as such, Barcelona will need a backup plan.

Alvaro Morata shows promise

If there’s one thing this game has shown the world, is that Chelsea’s record signing Alvaro Morata means business. He managed to score his first ever goal in the English Premier League, and his first overall goal for the club. He even went on to assist in the creation of the second goal, proving his worth.

Apparently, this player is slowly adapting to Conte’s style of play, and he only needs to get stronger on the ball. Looking at him play today proves he has a passion for the game, and it’s not all about making a name for himself, but also improve Chelsea’s rankings in the league.

Hopefully, Conte will add Morata to the starting eleven for the next match to see how he plays for a full 90 minutes.

What’s next for Chelsea?

Well, the club’s next match is against Tottenham Hotspur, one of the toughest teams to beat last season. Not to mention, the three games after are against quality teams in the form of Everton, Leicester City, and Arsenal. Chelsea will have to win all four games to keep its title dreams alive.

Very difficult, but not impossible by any means.