After Dwyane Wade became agitated with the situation in Chicago, he requested for his contract to be bought out by the Bulls. It took some time, and his wish was finally granted. Once a free agent, Wade was called by many teams, but as expected he settled on the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s now official after agreeing and clearing waivers. Dwyane Wade will sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a one year, $2.3 million deal.

Why he chose Cleveland

Although Dwyane Wade returned to Chicago to play for his hometown city just over a year ago, it didn’t last long.

After an average season, the Bulls failed to make any noise in the offseason, and Dwyane decided to part ways. Asking for the Bulls to buyout his contract, it took a few months and Wade had to give up over $8 million of his contract but it was finally done. Once becoming a free agent, as expected a bunch of teams contacted D-Wade and his agent about the idea of bringing him to their team. But Wade chose Cleveland and his good friend LeBron James above all other options. He reportedly ordered his choice first Cleveland, second Oklahoma City Thunder and third the San Antonio Spurs. A lot of people expected him to return home to the Miami Heat, but right now they don’t offer him much, it would only be worth sentimental value if he were to return.

A championship run is much more likely on a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers, with all-stars Kevin Love, LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose all on the team.

Although star stacked, Dwyane Wade will most likely still be a starter on this Cleveland Cavaliers team. The shooting guard position is usually taken by sharpshooter JR Smith, but he would gladly give up his spot to a player the level of D-Wade.

Plus, Smith has been a 6th man of the year a few years ago, he might want to return to that form.

It’s been a long time coming

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have been close friends since they stepped into the NBA. Although they battled it out for the first seven seasons of their career, they never met up in a playoff series, and eventually teamed up in Miami in 2010.

Wade had already won a ring in 2006 with Miami, and the ringless LeBron was hungry, so he liked the sound of joining Miami. They went on to win two NBA championships in four years. But quite suddenly, their duo ended in 2014 when LeBron decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers and eventually won a ring for his city in 2016. After two seasons in Miami after James left, Wade decided to return home himself, doing something he always wanted, to play for his hometown team. But now they find themselves teammates once again, this time Wade joins LeBron in Cleveland. Although they are a little older now, they are still great players, and plenty of alley-oops will still be thrown. The only question now is, will they win their fourth ring together?