The 2017 Mlb Season has now featured the most Home Runs hit in any season in the history of the sport. Tuesday night saw a record set back in the 2002 season fall thanks to Alex Gordon of the Kansas City Royals. His Home Run helped add to the total home runs for this season hit by all 30 Major League Baseball clubs. With a little under two weeks to go in the season, there's plenty more to come.

Record broken

In a game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday night, Alex Gordon smacked one out of the park in the eighth inning. It was only Gordon's eighth for the current season, but as a whole, the 30 teams in the league had combined for a whopping 5,694 home runs.

That broke the record set in the year 2000 when 5,693 were hit. Last year, MLB teams fell short of that total by 83 home runs.

So what has helped achieve this year's MLB home run record? One could argue that two powerhouse rookies playing, one in each of the two leagues, are helping out quite a bit. In the American League, there's New York Yankees' slugger Aaron Judge who has tallied 45 home runs as of Wednesday night. In the National League, it's Dodgers' rookie Cody Bellinger who has 38 home runs. Obviously, these two rookies alone aren't what broke the record, but their two contributions have seemingly put the league over the mark compared to last season.

In addition, Miami's Giancarlo Stanton is having a breakout season. As of Wednesday night, he's hit 56 for the year and still has 12 days left in the season. Stanton's total is 19 home runs more than he had in his two previous best HR seasons (2012, 2014).

Several players beyond the Dodgers' Bellinger are nearing the 40 home run mark too, as Oakland's Khris Davis has 39 and two players have 38 home runs: Toronto's Justin Smoak and Texas' Joey Gallo.

The Royals' Mike Moustakas has cranked out 36 home runs, while Joey Votto of the Reds, Paul Goldschmidt of the Diamondbacks, and Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies each have 35.

Team home runs

While professional sports tend to stress the individual accomplishments a lot, baseball is still a team sport. Several teams are hitting home runs much more than their competitors, and a few of those teams look like they'll be in the postseason due to their slugging powers.

The team smacking the most baseballs out of the park is the Baltimore Orioles with 227. The Rangers have 224 while the Houston Astros have 222 and the Oakland A's have 221. Those New York Yankees have 219 and their crosstown rivals, the Mets, have 214 this season. Tampa Bay (213), Milwaukee (212), Chicago Cubs (210), and Cincinnati (209) complete the top 10 home run hitting teams.

A total of 14 MLB teams have at least 200 home runs hit this season, and several more could reach that mark by season's end. The Cleveland Indians are just three away from the mark and the Minnesota Twins need six home runs to reach 200.

The team contributing the least to the record is the San Francisco Giants. For the season they've hit just 121 out of the park and have a 60-93 record which has them far away from a playoff spot.

One thing is for sure, professional athletes are becoming better by the year and the season. As technology and sports medicine practices continue to advance, it can only be expected that more amazing achievements will be seen within the sports world in the future.