Former WWE champion seth rollins is currently tied up with Dean Ambrose over the two feud with The Miztourage. The whole storyline is all about pride and respect, meaning the Architect will remain out of the WWE title picture, at least for now.

Rollins has been through a lot and has had a rollercoaster ride. There are several WWE pay-per-views coming up, the nearest of which is SummerSlam. At the rate things are going, Rollins will likely team up with Ambrose once more before the creative team sets him loose and he joins the title picture. At any rate, that should dictate what he will be up to at Wrestlemania 34.

Who are on Rollins’ list?

There are several WWE stars he could end up doing battle with. At the top of the list is Brock Lesnar and Ambrose. Of the two, it seems that the Lunatic Fringe may be next on the agenda – hinting at a potential betrayal which would be similar to what he did with The Shield.

Looking at the script right now, that could happen at any time. It could be staged or a result of conflicting egos with Ambrose. If not through that route, Kurt Angle or Stephanie McMahon could force the issue by creating a no. 1 contender’s battle to face Lesnar at some point. From there, it would be easy to see why a fallout would occur.

Laying the smack on 'Old Man' Johnson

A feud with Ambrose and Lesnar makes sense, only that it may not be enough to amplify until Wrestlemania 34.

That annual WWE spectacle is pretty far off, meaning Rollins has all the time to spar and scuffle with any star the creative team finds suitable.

There are plenty of active wrestlers to choose from though Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be an interesting feud. That would take a lot to create, seeing how Johnson has been busy doing films one after the other.

Rollins is eager to face Johnson and is confident he will come out the winner. He points out his age and the fact that he is in the prime of his career, both jabs that do back up his cocky claims, according to an interview with Eagle 977 that was cited by Wrestling Rumors.

Seeing Rollins and the Rock get it on should be something.

Both are brash talkers so there is the entertainment angle which would be laced with insults and profanities which WWE fans enjoy. However, all that may be a long shot with Johnson reigning as one of the big stars in Hollywood.

While the WWE does not have to build on a potential Rollins vs. Rock feud, it could be an impromptu match instead. This can only go down if Johnson does not carry any clause that prevents him from wrestling as it includes the risk of injuries that could get in the way of his acting career.