After Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s lackluster performance in his 2015 Match against Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, a lot of boxing experts said the undefeated boxer will have a hard time attracting a bigger crowd in his future fights. His Saturday night bout against MMA champ Connor McGregor, however, has revived interest in Mayweather.

The match has attracted interest among sports fan because the boxer is being challenged by a mixed martial artist in a boxing contest. Mayweather, however, will get a $100 million purse for the Saturday night, way below the record $240 million he earned during the match against Pacquiao which disappointed fans of both boxers.

Money May’s worth

Despite the lower purse, Mayweather’s personal wealth would go up to $440 million after the match, regardless if he wins or loses the bout. Forbes estimated that “Money May’s” worth was $340 million in 2016. Assuming he did not splurge on another luxury car in 2017, the purse for Saturday would represent one fourth of his estimated fortune.

When he enters the ring on Saturday, Mayweather’s former BFF, Canadian singer Justin Bieber, would no longer be by his side or even watch his match. Bieber has unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram and kept a distance from his former close friend as the “Sorry” singer stays away from friends who are a bad influence on the Canadian singer.

McGregor predicts 2nd round knockout

Bieber does not see Mayweather knocking out McGregor. The MMA champion, who is retiring after Saturday, predicted he would win the bout with a knockout in the second round. He said this is the worst shape he has seen Mayweather in, who has come out of retirement with a 49-0 record.

Like his match with Pacquiao, although Mayweather won the match, he was booed by the crowd in Las Vegas.

He was also booed at the Friday weigh-in at the T-Mobile Arena. McGregor tipped the scale at 153 pounds, just one pound shy of the 154-pound limit, ESPN reported. Mayweather weighed 149 ½ pounds, under the weight limit.

Besides the differences in height, McGregor is younger at 29 years old, while Mayweather is 40. The MMA champ, and the crowd and bettor’s favorite, said he is in peak physical condition.

Mayweather, however, said his foe’s size advantage does not concern him. “I’ve been here before. I know what it takes in a fight of this magnitude,” Mayweather said.

McGregor said that Mayweather looks blown out and full of water. He believes his opponent would not be able to keep his pace, MMA Fighting reported.