Former 16-time professional wrestling world champion "Nature Boy" Ric Flair scared his legions of fans last weekend when he ended up checking into a hospital on Aug. 12 and then ending up in a medically-induced coma the next day to undergo surgery on what was originally called a heart condition. While there has been a lot of rumors circulating since Flair underwent surgery, his manager let fans know that Flair is recovering.

Rc Flair's medical conditions

According to sports illustrated, Ric Flair did not have a heart attack and did not need heart surgery.

Instead, Flair had an intestinal blockage and needed to have part of his bowel removed. According to the site, it was the years of alcohol consumption that caused the problems with his intestines and Ric even told Sports Illustrated two weeks before this emergency surgery that he had problems with alcohol through his entire career.

According to the report, the surgery also ended up leading to other complications and Ric Flair could be in the hospital for up to a month. Flair's family asked for privacy, which his manager Melinda Morris commented on as well. However, one person that has spoken up is Flair's fiancee, who claims that Ric is in critical condition.

Wendy Barlow wrote a Facebook post that said that Ric Flair has severe abdominal pain and is in critical condition.

However, his daughter Charlotte Flair also posted on Instagram and said her father was a fighter and she thanked everyone for their prayers.

Flair's manager's statement

While there have been a lot of rumors concerning Ric Flair failing in health after his surgery, manager Melinda Morris said that none of those rumors are true because any sources releasing information are unofficial.

However, Morris said on Twitter that Flair is awake and communicating with people.

Morris even said that Ric Flair cut a classic promo on a nurse at the hospital. Anyone that has followed Ric for long at all knows that is classic Nature Boy, as he has always lived his gimmick, in and out of the wrestling ring. It also should be no surprise that Flair is recovering from this medical scare.

Before Ric Flair became the greatest professional wrestler in the world in the '80s, he was involved in a plane crash in the '70s, which resulted in a broken back. Flair not only recovered from the broken back but came back better than he was before. He was also struck by lightning, so there is no reason to think he can't survive this.