In the latest wwe rumors, "SmackDown Live" star Charlotte Flair appears to be the latest victim of being hacked and having nude photos leaked online. The explicit images reportedly came about overnight with news of the leak circulating around the internet on Thursday. Here's the latest about the Charlotte Flair Nude Photo Leak rumors, and what's ahead for the daughter of the legendary wrestler Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair.

Was Charlotte hacked?

As mentioned, Charlotte is reportedly the latest victim of a nude photo leak, after having one of her devices or the cloud hacked into.

This is similar to what was said to have happened to former WWE Divas Champion Paige over a month ago. The women's star who is currently signed with WWE had explicit photos and videos she had taken of herself, along with several other wrestling stars, shared online without giving consent.

It appears that the new WWE rumors circulating are also correct, as Charlotte Flair herself has come out and tweeted about having private photos stolen and shared. The tweet below was posted earlier on Thursday and is similar to the type of tweet Paige sent out when she had photos stolen from her and leaked online without giving permission.

Just several days ago, the new WWE "Raw" Women's Champion Alexa Bliss had tweeted about some fake images of her that were circulating online.

Bliss let everyone know that the images depicting her in explicit sexual situations were not her and she demanded they be removed from the internet.

In addition to Charlotte and Paige having their private photos leaked online, others women's wrestling stars from past or present have been reportedly hacked as well. They include former WWE Divas Kaitlyn and Maria Kanellis-Bennett.

Of these two stars, Maria is part of rumors to return to WWE at some point along with her husband Mike Bennett. Kaitlyn does not currently work with WWE but was a former champion with them.

What's next for Charlotte?

The Charlotte nude images that have leaked online are just that as they are basic nude photos of herself and not similar to those that were leaked from Paige.

That said, the WWE took no action against Paige, or Xavier Woods, who was featured in more explicit sexual videos with Paige. With that in mind and the fact that this was Charlotte being hacked and having photos leaked, there's no reason for WWE to take further action so any rumors suggesting she'll be suspended or fired should be taken as false.

As of right now, there are no scheduled pay-per-view matches for Charlotte at the upcoming "Backlash" PPV. However, recent events that transpired on "SmackDown Live" this past week involved Charlotte, Naomi, and Becky Lynch all being attacked by a new women's team. That team features Natalya as the ring leader, with Tamina and Carmella also involved.

James Ellsworth is also part of the story, as Carmella's ringside manager or helper.

With that said, Charlotte Flair could potentially be in some sort of match against Natalya at the PPV, or in a tag match. It's also possible she won't be part of the pay-per-view at all, but that seems unlikely based on how much of a superstar she's become on the main roster.