Following his second loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214, Daniel Cormier has yet to decide on his future. Reviewing the fight would be neat only that he is not yet emotionally ready to do so. Therefore, it may take some time until D.C. is able to get his bearings back.

There is no telling how long Cormier will need to regain his senses. Right now, his world is in total disarray. It makes no sense for him to face Jones once more, seeing that he has lost twice in a row. In fact, he said himself that there is no rivalry if you lose to the same guy twice.

Cormier could target other light heavyweights though it may not be advisable for now. He needs to stabilize his mental state to ensure that he remains focused.

Dazed to this day

Cormier reigned in the light heavyweight class for quite some time. He did fend off challengers in the past though Jones was something special.

With “Bones” dealing with personal run-ins, it took some time for the two UFC stars to meet again. Cormier wanted payback for that loss back in 2015, confident he could erase the stigma of that defeat.

The odds were not in Cormier’s favor before the actual UFC 214 fight. D.C. did manage well until Jones hit that surprise front kick that left Cormier dazed.

For those who saw it, Cormier was obviously in trouble.

Jones was careful on following up that hit until he realized his foe was in trouble. He did pound on D.C. and went for it, eventually winning when Cormier could no longer defend himself.

Cormier experiencing the same case of Rousey

If there is one person who could be compared to Cormier, it may be Ronda Rousey. The only difference is that Cormier already experienced a loss, meaning he knows how it feels.

Rousey broke down mainly because losing was something she never experienced. As most know, she wasn’t able to get back on her feet. In fact, she may never return to the UFC moving forward.

Cormier is suffering emotionally though it stems mostly out of frustration. The heated exchange between him and Jones is one for the books, something most believe ended at UFC 214.

Cormier is lost right now, trying to figure out his next move. Another fight with Jones makes no sense so he may need to humble himself and start from scratch.

Being the light heavyweight champion for so long, that would be a bitter pill to swallow. He could consider retirement though it would be the easiest way out. D.C. is in a sensitive state right now meaning a return to the UFC gets lower chances with each passing day. A return to the Octagon may happen, only if Cormier is able to recall his old confident and fiery self.