After a month of NBA free agency, the deals have slowly come to a close. Teams are going to be getting ready for training camps soon. The season is just around the corner. During the season, these players are going to get paid, and they are going to get paid a lot of money. Without further ado, these are the Top Ten NBA salaries for the upcoming season.

10. Damian Lillard-Portland Trail Blazers

Lillard is in the second year of a maximum contract he signed last offseason. Lillard is set to make $26,153,057 this season. He is the face of the Portland team and his salary only will go up from here.

By the last year of his deal, he will be making roughly $31.6 million in salary.

9. Carmelo Anthony-New York Knicks

Anthony has stashed quite a bit of money in his long NBA career. This season he is set to make $26,243,760. He is making just over $100,000 more than Lillard. Anthony can be a free agent at the end of next season, but he has a player option worth $27 million. Seeing how most teams in the NBA will not pay him that at the age of 35 years old, he is likely to stay close to the top ten next year.

8. Al Horford-Boston Celtics

Horford is set to make $27,734,405 in salary. He has these two next seasons as guaranteed salary before his player option can be exercised. Horford is one of two Celtics on this list.

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7. Demar DeRozan-Toronto Raptors

Some thought DeRozan would split last year, but the Raptors found a way to keep their superstar that they drafted. Making $27,739,975 this season, the high scoring forward will look to lead the Raptors over the Celtics and Cavaliers.

5. Russell Westbrook-Oklahoma City Thunder/James Harden-Houston Rockets

What if I told you that both Westbrook and Harden were making the same exact salary next season. Both players will be making $28,299,399 next season. Harden will be making a lot more money after this year with the extension he just signed. Westbrook could be making even more than Harden if he accepts an extension with the Thunder.

It's interesting to see the similar salaries as Westbrook edged Harden in the MVP voting last season.

4. Mike Conley-Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies might be regretting this offer now as the team might be on a rebuild. Regardless, Conley is set to make $28,530,608. Conley was once the highest paid NBA player until these next three players took over that record.

3. Gordon Hayward-Boston Celtics

The prize of the NBA offseason was when Hayward agreed to sign with the Celtics for four years. He is set to make $29,727,900 this season. The Celtics will have two players next year that combine for nearly $55 million, which is why many believe that Isaiah Thomas will walk as he is set to become a free agent.

2. LeBron James-Cleveland Cavaliers

It's no shock that LeBron is on this list. He is making $33,285,709 this season. He is just one of two players making over $30 million during the season. James can be a free agent if he declines his player option, which means we could see James make nearly a $40 million salary next season.

1. Stephen Curry-Golden State Warriors

The two-time champion and MVP is set to make $34,682,550 in the first of a five year super max deal. Curry's contract is astounding in terms of the money he will make. Over the next four years, he will make around $37 million in year two, $40 million in year three, $43 million in year four, and $45 million in year five. It's only a matter of time until we see the first $50 million per year contract.