We can go ahead and cross off one young star off the Cavaliers wish list. The Cleveland Cavaliers were reportedly wanting a "young star" in return for Kyrie Irving. According to a piece written by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the team is looking in a direction of a future without LeBron James. Reports have been circulating that James is considering leaving next season.

The Cavaliers had four players in mind that they would want if they parted with Irving. These included Kristaps Porzingis, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum, and Jamal Murray. Wojnarowski identified that Porzingis is the Cavaliers main target, but that the trade is unrealistic.

The Knicks have been wanting to move Carmelo Anthony, and build around Porzingis. That means that the Knicks are out because no trade will happen with Cleveland unless Porzingis is included. Anthony will not waive his no trade clause for Cleveland anymore.

The new direction

If Porzingis is truly off the table, then the Cavaliers need to look in a new direction if they are going to trade Irving. The Cavaliers realistically do not want to trade Irving to their conference rival, Boston Celtics. However, the Celtics have a player that the Cavaliers want in Tatum. Plus, the Celtics have the draft picks to make a package. Irving has two years left on his deal and is getting paid $18 million, so the Celtics would have to find a way to dump salary.

Boston seems like the most realistic trade partner at this point. The Nuggets have no reason to part with Murray as just completed his rookie campaign, and Irving would not likely resign with Denver. The Suns do not want to part with Jackson or Devin Booker. That leaves Boston.

Boston would have difficulty moving salaries. It would likely mean that Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart.

Both of their salaries combine for about $10.5 million. Combine Tatum into the mix with his $5.6 million, and you might have a deal. Irving would give the Celtics a backup plan as well if Isaiah Thomas refuses to resign. The Celtics would be a dangerous team in the league with a starting rotation that features Irving, Thomas, Gordon Hayward, and Al Horford.

Cavs have one year left

The Cavaliers will not have a shot after this year to win a title if James leaves. It's that simple. If the team knows that he is going to leave, then they might as well keep Irving and make one last run at a title before the team blows up in front of them. No matter what young star they receive, he will not be James. The Cavaliers have won just one title in their long standing history. Why not keep your two All Stars together despite their differences, and try and win number two?