Two goals from Icardi and a goal from Perisic. Inter Milan beats Fiorentina 3-0 in the first match of the 2017-201-2018 Italian Serie A. The Inter of Luciano Spalletti is a mix of surprises and confirmations. Brozovic and Nagatomo are in the first category, Mauro Icardi and Perisic in the second. The Inter Milan's leader gains a penalty by winning the duel between captains with Astori, and then he realized it. After a few minutes, the Inter Milan captain marks his second goal with a beautiful header. The trajectory is perfect, and the Fiorentina's goalkeeper can not do anything.

Fiorentina tries to retrieve a goal with Veretout striking the pole. A minute later, Inter scored the third goal. Joao Mario draws a perfect fit for Perisic's head, marking his first goal of the season.

AC Milan

AC Milan celebrates three goals against Crotone and the start of the Serie A season begins as in Europe, very well. AC Milan immediately gains a penalty with Cutrone. The Crotone's player Ceccherini is expelled from the referee after using the new VAR technology. Kessié is not mistaken. A few minutes later, Cutrone is still the protagonist. In fact, the young striker scored 2-0 with a beautiful header. It is his first goal in Serie A. In the second half, Gigio Donnarumma makes a fantastic save by stopping a Dussenne shot, and Cutrone still tries to score after Kessié's assist.

After some bad attempts by Andre Silva, AC Milan closes the match with Suso's goal, which played another great game.

Juventus FC

Juventus is the first team to play in 2017 - 2018 Serie A championship against Cagliari. Massimiliano Allegri's boys win 3-0 and start their season very well well. The first goal is scored by Mario Mandzukic, after only 12 minutes, after a Lichtsteiner's assist.

Before the break, the Argentine talent Paulo Dybala scored 2-0, while in the second half Gonzalo Higuain closed the match with the third goal for Juventus Fc. Juventus - Cagliari is also the first Serie A game to use the VAR, the new technology that allows the referee to see an unclear episode again. Buffon welcomes it, and then he saved also the Farias's penalty.

The referee had not seen an Alex Sandro's kick to Cop, a Sardinian player. The current Serie A champion wins an important game against Cagliari. Remember that Juventus is the strongest candidate to win the championship. It has already won six consecutive Italian titles, a record.