The Phoenix Suns are making their move to get Kyrie Irving. The latest reports suggested they are willing to send Eric Bledsoe, Dragan Bender and a future first-round draft pick from the Miami Heat (No. 8-30 in 2018, or the 2019 unprotected first-round pick) to the Cleveland Cavaliers as Irving’s replacement.

Evidently, the rumored two-player trade between Bledsoe and Irving was not appealing. The trade could have already taken place if the Suns shipped rookie Josh Jackson along with Bledsoe. But the Suns won’t agree -- they need Jackson as much as they need Devin Booker, who is definitely “untouchable”.

Rebuilding the Phoenix Suns

Based on its current roster, many basketball experts believe that the Phoenix Suns are heading for another shortened season. Should this happen, it would be their eighth consecutive non-playoff season -- the franchise’s longest absence in the playoffs.

The last time the Phoenix Suns advanced into the NBA Playoffs was back in 2010 when they reached the Western Conference Finals. The Suns lost to eventual NBA champion, the Los Angeles Lakers.

For now, Booker and Jackson won’t be enough. But the Suns’ rebuilding process will get a big boost once they acquire Irving. That is why they are willing to send Bledsoe, the team’s second-highest scorer, to Cleveland. But like some trade offers, the Suns’ offer have defects, as some basketball experts believed.

At par with the best

The biggest name on the Suns’ trade sheet, the 27-year old Bledsoe averaged 19.1 ppg and 6.0 apg in his four years with the Suns. Last season, the Suns’ starting point guard registered career highs with 21.1ppg and 6.3apg.

But while Bledsoe’s numbers look good on paper; he was not playing alongside LeBron James and Kevin Love, the Cavaliers’ main offensive machine.

In fact, the Suns don’t have the luxury of having too many offensive threats, inside and out. Kyrie has proven the past three years that he can score 20+ points on any given night even while playing with LeBron and Love.

Too many options

If you haven’t heard the news, Derrick Rose has signed a one-year veteran’s minimum deal with the Cavaliers.

Then there’s NBA veteran Jose Calderon and second-year Kyle Felder. That’s a total of three point guards minus Kyrie. Bledsoe’s minutes would definitely drop unless D-Rose blows another knee.

Meanwhile, the 7’1” Croatian’s case is unique as most of the NBA teams are now inclined on having stretch 4s and 5s. And unless Bender’s outside shooting improved, his playing minutes behind Kevin Love and Channing Frye will be limited.

The biggest chance he gets to play is coming off the bench for Tristan Thompson.

But his minutes depend on Walter Tavares’ recovery from his fractured right hand. Remember Tavares? In his only game wearing the Cavaliers jersey, the 7’3” Tavares scored 6 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and blocked six shots in just 24 minutes of action.

So does it mean the draft pick makes more sense than Bledsoe and Bender? Unless the Phoenix Suns offer someone who can stop Kevin Durant, the Cleveland Cavaliers might look for a better deal. They might even decide to retain Kyrie Irving until a better deal arrives before the trade deadline in February.