The Cleveland Browns have decided to part ways with veteran cornerback Joe Haden after seven seasons with the team. Haden is a two-time pro bowler but has not played a full season since his rookie year in 2010. Ironically, that was the best season he has produced thus far. He has been considered one of the most talented CBs in the league over the last several seasons but has not been able to stay healthy enough for the Browns liking to move forward in the future.

Haden was in the final year of his deal in Cleveland that was worth $11.1 million. Over the last two seasons, Joe has played in 18 of a possible 32 games due to injury.

Unfortunately, the Browns have been one of the worst teams in the league during that time so it did not matter too much for either party. Now, Haden will have a chance to possibly showcase his talent on a team that is already a playoff contender. Last season, in 13 games, he recorded 48 tackles and snagged in 3 interceptions.

According to ESPN, the Browns attempted to trade the seven-year veteran before releasing him but struggled to find any other teams that were interested in making a deal. However, as soon as he was let go by Cleveland, the Pittsburgh Steelers picked him up immediately on Wednesday. The deal is for three years and is worth $27 million.

Fresh start in Pittsburgh for Haden

Signing with Pittsburgh may be the fresh start that Haden needed to better showcase his talent.

With the talent the team has, Joe, will almost certainly make his first ever postseason appearance this season. The team will be getting starting running back Le'Veon Bell back on Friday after holding out the entire offseason and they still have one the best wide receivers in the NFL in Antonio Brown. More importantly, the Steelers have always been known for having a great defense and the addition of Haden should instantly improve their secondary.

2017-18 season expectations

The Steelers came up one game short of reaching the Super Bowl last season when they lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship.

With Ben Rothlisberger flirting with the idea of retirement soon, fans can expect the veteran QB to have one of his best seasons this year. Joe Haden may be the key piece on defense the team needs to stop a guy like Tom Brady and any other high-powered offenses around the league that they will face this season. The team will be looking forward to having a healthy Haden for the entire season which is something he's only been able to do once during his time in the NFL.