As of Friday, the Dallas Cowboys now know what the consequences will be for their All-Pro running back Ezekiel Elliott. The NFL announced the surprise suspension of the second year back after investigating abuse allegations made by Elliott's ex-girlfriend back in 2016. Charges were never filed and law enforcement did not have any evidence against him to take any action. Despite Zeke being apparently innocent in the case, the league suggested otherwise and felt that he was guilty of some of the physical contact stated by his ex and decided to take action themselves.

Now, as it stands, the Cowboys will have to go their first six games of the season that they're expected to do just as good as last. Elliott is arguably the biggest reason for those high expectations for the team going into this year. His appeal will take place ten days after it is filed and Dallas and Zeke are both hoping to get the suspension reduced. But for now, it is assumed Darren McFadden will take over the starting duties until Elliott returns to the field. If the six games stand, he will not be able to return to action until October 23.

Relying on the play of Dak Prescott

Just as Ezekiel Elliott is expected to have a good second season, so is starting quarterback Dak Prescott.

Prescott also had a phenomenal rookie season. He won the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award last season, and he broke the rookie record for passer rating with 104.9. Not only did he prove he can throw the football with accuracy, he also proved he can use his feet when needed to make huge plays down the field. On 57 attempts, Prescott rushed for 282 yards and posted 6 TDs.

The biggest question this season will be can he do it without relying on Elliott so much? A huge part of his success was the dominance of Zeke on the ground. The Cowboys running game was so good that it opened the field up for receivers to make big plays when Dallas ran play action. McFadden is not as talented or quick as Elliott, so fans can expect to see Prescott using his feet much more than he did last season.

If he can successfully do so, he may have a good chance at winning his first league MVP award. The success of the Cowboys will now solely lie in the hands of their starting quarterback that they have high expectations for in his sophomore season.

Much needed big season for Dez Bryant

The spotlight will be on Dez Bryant, who will be entering his eighth season for the Cowboys. He has not posted over 1,000 yards receiving over the last two seasons and has only caught a combined 81 catches. Bryant was once considered a top five receiver in the NFL not too long ago but has not played like it in quite some time.

This season, Dez has a chance to silence the critics and get back to posting the kind of numbers fans are used to seeing.

With Elliott gone for now, there will be more opportunities for the veteran wideout to step up his game and make bigger plays. Expect to see a Prescott to Bryant connection much more often this season.