The Cleveland Browns have had intentions of trading Brock Osweiler since they acquired him at the start of the offseason. The team has not been sold on his ability to lead them as a starter and have intentions to part ways with the fourth-year QB. However, the team has failed to find anyone willing to take on Brock's $16 million contract. Last season, the Houston Texans gave him the big contract after he spent time playing under Peyton Manning while with the Denver Broncos.

Houston had hoped that Osweiler could achieve what Aaron Rodgers did when he spent his first three seasons under the legendary Brett Favre before winning a Super Bowl title and a league MVP award himself.

Unfortunately, Brock has failed to do so as of yet. Last season, he led the Texans to a playoff win over an Oakland Raiders team that was playing without Derek Carr. However, his numbers during the regular season were not good, and he was not one of the better QBs in the NFL, losing his starting job there despite helping the Texans make it to the postseason.

Now, just a season later, it appears no team believes in him enough to pay him the kind of money his contract is worth. The Browns have shown their interest in their rookie QB Deshone Kizer and has granted him the start over Brock for the team's third preseason game.

Kizer has been outperforming Osweiler so far

Although DeShone Kizer is a rookie, he has not played like one in his first two preseason games.

Browns head coach Hue Jackson has certainly admired his performances, and he believes the young QB is making a strong case for receiving the starting job. This performance is likely why Jackson awarded him with a start in the Browns matchup on Saturday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"I think he's gotten better every week.

He's showing the characteristics that I look for in a quarterback."

He also confirmed to the media that Brock Osweiler would likely not receive any action on the field in Saturday's game. The media asked Osweiler about his opinion on his position within the organization.

"Our general manager and our head coach, they decide who pays and how much they play.

As players, all we can do is make the most of the opportunity."

Possible places Brock could land if traded

The Jacksonville Jaguars need a legitimate starter at the quarterback position. Brock Osweiler has at least proven he can lead a team to the postseason and helped out the Broncos plenty of times during the Peyton Manning era. There is no guarantee that he will be the answer for the Jags but he is certainly someone to consider for the job.