The Nebraska football team has gone a little while since it got a commit from the 2018 class. The Husker coach staff had been hoping that might change on Friday afternoon with the announcement of Cameron Latu. The defender said earlier in the week that he would be making his pick. He was true to his word and did indeed pick the school he's going to be spending the next few years.

Nebraska football loses out

Latu was true to his word, but the Nebraska football team was not a winner in the derby to get the athlete. While he claimed he was shocking the world with his pick, Latu named the Alabama Crimson Tide the school of his choice.

It's not clear why he thinks the school that most expected him to pick was a shock to the college football world.

Perhaps Latu really was leaning towards other schools until the last minute. It's possible the Cornhuskers had a better chance than some of the recruiting services thought. In the end, there were few who were surprised Nick Saban managed to land another of the best players in the country.

While Latu has made his decision, it isn't signing day yet. Perhaps the defender will shock the world yet again by changing his mind and picking the Nebraska football team before it's all said and done.

The Crimson Tide is not a team that generally sees players leave after they commit. There's a first time for everything and Mike Riley and company are having as good a year recruiting as we've seen for quite some time.

If the Huskers can pull a rabbit out of a hat with Latu, the 2018 class would indeed be one of the best that's ever been when it comes to the Cornhuskers.

That's going to be one of the biggest rabbits Riley has pulled yet if it comes to be.

Nebraska football looking for a commit next week

While the Huskers did not pull in Latu, there's still a chance they could be breaking the cold streak. The Nebraska football team has been working hard to get one player back into the fold after he opened up his recruitment.

Cameron Brown had been a Husker commit until the middle of the summer.

Now he's looking at other schools and Nebraska has yet another juggernaut in Ohio State to square off against. There is talk that Brown might be looking to pull the trigger yet again on Monday. At the very least it seems likely the coming week is going to be the week he chooses his new school.

The Nebraska football team would like to find a way for Brown's new school to be his old school. We'll just have to stay tuned on that one.