Kyrie Irving has been the topic of the NBA offseason, requesting a Trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, wanting to be the focal point of his own team and not play under LeBron James anymore. It seemed like he got his wish as he was traded to Boston for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and a 2018 first-round pick. That trade hasn't been finalized due to the Cavs having concerns about Thomas' hip injury and wanting more assets for Kyrie. With the deal needing to be finalized tomorrow, the Milwaukee Bucks are looking to steal Kyrie from Boston, making a deal so sweet that the Cavs couldn't resist.

Lurking in the Shadows

The Bucks have been quiet about their interest in Kyrie Irving, but all news can't stay quiet forever. The Bucks weren't even on the list of teams the Cavs wanted to do business with. However, the Bucks were patiently waiting for their opportunity to come, and now they have a chance to steal the all-star guard from the Celtics. The one thing that is stopping the Cavs-Celtics trade in its tracks is the Cavs wanting younger talent in exchange for Irving. They were specifically looking at Jaylen Brown or rookie Jayson Tatum to be added in the deal.

The Bucks could give the Cavs the young players they want, as they have an offer including guards Khris Middleton and last year's rookie of the year, Malcolm Brogdon.

Brogdon and Middleton are both quality players that can give the Cavs depth at the guard spot, which is what they'll need if they give up Kyrie. Middleton can also play small forward which can give LeBron James a rest, as he played a ridiculous amount of minutes last year.

Win-Win Scenario

If the trade with the Celtics falls through, the Bucks will be the first team ready to hit Cleveland with a new deal.

This trade might be even better than the deal with Boston. The Cavs are getting a young star in Brogdon and Middleton is another long range shooter that can also get inside if he needs to. It also gives the Cavs younger depth, as their bench hasn't gotten any younger this offseason. The Cavs might want to pick up the phone and call Milwaukee and inquire about their trade offer, as it could be more beneficial to their future.

The Bucks will be satisfied if this trade goes through because they get one of the best players in the NBA. Irving's ability to dribble-drive and shoot from range is already an upgrade the Bucks could use. Let's not forget to mention that Kyrie is one of the best finishers in the Game. The duo of Kyrie and Giannis Antetokounmpo could catapult the Bucks to a possible three seed in the east.

Milwaukee will sit back and wait patiently to see if the Kyrie-IT trade falls through, as they are ready to put their offer on the table. Thursday is the deadline for the Cavs and Celtics to finalize the trade, so both teams will be working hard to get the deal done. If this deal falls through, Milwaukee will be in a position to make the biggest steal of this NBA offseason.