The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics have officially finalized the Kyrie Irving Trade after the Celtics agreed to send a 2nd-round pick in 2020 as additional compensation. The Cavs were concerned about how much time it will take Isaiah Thomas to return from his hip injury and threatened to veto the deal if Boston did not give them a little extra. Many people felt that the Cavs were being greedy because initially, they were seeking either a first-round pick or Jayson Tatum. However, the Celtics would not do so considering the fact that the Cavs front office knew about the injury to Isaiah Thomas prior to the trade.

The future for the Cavs beyond this season is very unclear. So, securing some future picks or a young prospect like Tatum would have made the organization feel more secure looking ahead. Unfortunately for Cleveland, many folks believe that they got the better of the deal already and further compensation would have meant the Celtics were giving up too many assets. Now, they have to hope that the chemistry between LeBron and Isaiah is good enough to convince both to stay a while longer.

What deal means for the Cavs

The added compensation isn't much but could be of some help for Cleveland if the 2nd-round pick turns out like a Draymond Green or an Isaiah Thomas. Still, the team will have to wait for almost three years to put it to use.

However, the overall deal assures the Cavs will be able to draft a future star next season that will either start the rebuilding process alone or enjoy the benefit of playing alongside LeBron his first couple of seasons in the league. With the three players they were able to deal Kyrie for, they will certainly return to the Eastern Conference Finals again this season.

Thomas will be bringing a few more points to the table than Irving did with a 28.9 average per game. Jay Crowder brings a great deal of toughness on both sides of the ball, while Zizic adds the necessary size. Considering the Cavs only had to give up one player to get five assets, they may have gotten the better of the deal over the Celtics.

How Kyrie will help the Celtics this season

Kyrie Irving is determined to establish himself as the No. 1 guy on an NBA team. One of the biggest things he has over Isaiah Thomas is his experience. Irving has played in the last three NBA Finals with Cleveland and hit the game winning three in the 2016 Finals that brought the Cavs their first title in NBA history. The core that Boston now has will need everything he brings to the table to help take down his former team. In the Celtics favor, if there's anyone that knows how to beat the King it might be the guy that he's played with for the last three years in Irving.