When the Chicago Bulls decided to trade all-star forward Jimmy Butler on draft night, it was clear that the team was ready to head in the direction of rebuilding for the future. Unfortunately for Wade, it did not make sense for the team to include him in the future plans with the departure of Butler and Rajon Rondo in free agency. But the good thing for him is that prior to the draft night trade, he signed an extension that earned him a guaranteed $24 million. Now, the Bulls are ready to buy out the contract of the veteran guard, which will allow him to get paid and move on and sign with a team that is a championship contender.

One of the places that Wade will immediately gain interest from is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dwyane is already used to playing with LeBron James. The two went to four straight NBA Finals together as members of the Miami Heat and won two of those appearances. However, right now may be the time that LeBron needs Wade more than ever. The Cavs are unsure if Kyrie Irving will still be a member of the team because of his recent trade demand.

Unfortunately, the team has not been able to find a good enough deal yet and Irving does not have a no-trade clause in his contract. So, if Cleveland decided to keep Irving despite his demand, they could be much closer to beating the Golden State Warriors with the addition of Wade.

Also, the team just signed former MVP Derrick Rose this offseason to a short-term deal. Both Rose and Wade could be the help that LeBron and Kyrie needed to match the firepower of Kevin Durant. For Wade, it would be an overnight transition from possibly the worst team in the league to the best.

Ending career playing alongside a good friend

When LeBron joined Dwyane's Miami Heat in 2010, he did it to play alongside a guy that had already proven he could win an NBA title. Wade had one of the greatest NBA Finals performances in 2006.

He brought the Heat back from a 0-2 and torched their defense for four straight games in route to winning his first NBA title. At the time, James needed that kind of help as he had struggled for several years trying to do it on his own.

By the end of their four years together, LeBron and Wade were unanimously inked as one of the greatest duos in NBA history. The help of Dwyane has seemingly paid off with James moving on and leading his own team to three straight finals appearances. Now, it appears Wade needs to take a page out of his former teammate's book and join forces. Signing with the Cavs will give him a chance to play with a close friend and end his career in winning fashion.

Other possible destinations

There are teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder that could use the services of D Wade. They just added Paul George to be the second go-to-guy to reigning MVP Russell Westbrook. Wade could easily start at the two-spot and help their newest draft pick Terrence Ferguson have a smooth transition into the pros. Also, the San Antonio Spurs could use another star that can help all-star Kawhi Leonard bring the trophy back to Texas.

Dwyane's former team the Miami Heat is reportedly a rumored team that would be interested in signing him when he departs from the Bulls.

However, he would not be guaranteed a starting position since the team signed Dion Waiters this offseason. So, as of now, the Heat appear to be the least likely of the four possible teams.