Klay Thompson may be the fourth best players of the Golden State Warriors’ super team, but he is definitely one of the best shooting guard in the NBA today. This is the reason the 27-year old three-time All-Star has been the subject of most trade rumors -- an idea the Warriors front office has been shooting down often.

Back in November of last year, a rumor broke out about a potential trade involving Thompsonwas in the works. Picked by former NBA player current Celtics TV analyst Brian Scalabrine, the rumor got sensationalized. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr finally shot down the rumors.

But since then, Thompson has become a favorite target whenever trade talks involve the Golden State Warriors. And why not?

Record-setting performances

According to NBA Stats, Thompson ranked first on points per touches for players playing 30 minutes or more during the last season. He has an average of 48.4 ball touches per game, holds the ball for only 1.94 seconds and has an average dribble of 1.33 per game. Proof to this feat is his historic shooting performance back in December, enough for him to win the 2016-17 NBA Performance of the Year at the 2017 NBA Awards Show.

Thompson dropped 60 points against the Indiana Pacers. Yet here’s how he did it: 40 points in first half, shot 21-for-33 from the field, 8-for-14 from beyond the arc and 10-for-11 from the foul line.

But that’s not the fun part -- he held the ball for a total of only 90 seconds in 46 touches and dribbled the ball 11 times only. Plus, he did it in just 29 minutes of action, leaving the game before the end of the third quarter.

Perfect complement

When news broke out that Kyrie Irving requested to be traded out of the Cleveland Cavaliers, general manager Koby Altman strongly stated that they won’t be on the losing end.

Curiously, he called their toughest competition in the NBA Finals and inquired on the availability of Klay Thompson. The answer is a no-brainer -- the Warriors are not interested.

The Indiana Pacers reportedly offered Paul George for Thompson but the Warriors rejected the idea.

Though no reason was made available, the answers are quite obvious: two remaining years (Thompson) vs. one (PG13) with the possibility of leaving afterward, and a crowded forward position (Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and PG13).

Thompson’s a perfect complement playing the No. 2 spot alongside Stephen Curry. Plus, his ability to defend even the peskiest point guard gives Curry enough breather. As many game analysts and experts believe, Klay Thompson would remain as part of the Warriors for at least two more years.