D'Angelo Russell remains a player to watch out for though he will need to reset his NBA career. In a trade move that caught some by surprise, Russell is more excited than sorry with the Brooklyn Nets.

While he seems to hold no ill-feelings, Russell was caught off-guard with the trade. Surprisingly, he treats it as a professional, aware that there is a business side of playing NBA ball. Now, he gets a chance to start over and prove that he still has the hops to become one of the league’s elite guards.

New opportunity, new glory

The Brooklyn Nets are not exactly the team with bright chances this coming season.

However, that could be a challenge for the second overall pick of the 2015 NBA Draft.

It will be an interesting scenario for him where he could share playmaking duties with Jeremy Lin. If not, he could be playing alongside “Linsanity” and tandem for a curious run-and-gun tandem guided by head coach Kenny Atkinson.

Russell showed moments of brilliance with the Lakers but still lacks the consistency. At 21, all that is expected though the former Ohio State star may want to listen and learn from Atkinson, Lin and the rest of the veterans on the Brooklyn lineup.

Nets may only be a temporary stop

Looking ahead, Russell may not be staying in Brooklyn for long. A lot will depend on the coming season and what Atkinson is able to whip up.

Best known as a point guard, Russell could try his hand at the off-guard position and shoot the lights out. He does have scoring potential, something most witnessed last season.

At some point, Russell could end up moving to another team. His current deal is good until 2020 per Spotrac, meaning he can spend the next two seasons in Brooklyn.

It would be wise for him to rebuild his stature, hopefully, enough to draw interest from other teams.

There is also the possibility of a trade happening at some point. The Nets have loopholes in their lineup and could get someone to fill in the void. The front line leaves a lot to be desired so there could be some deals pulled moving forward.

At any rate, Russell seems to be dealing with the surprises well. He does need more maturity both on and off the court. Showing excitement on the new opportunity is a positive sign though there could be more similar to it coming.

Russell is more than capable of taking his skills to another level. Starting over is never easy. But with some luck, he could be the target of several teams in need of a budding guard who is slowly getting a feel of what pro basketball is all about.