Back in the month of February, former New York Knicks forward charles oakley was arrested at Madison Square Garden after allegedly making physical contact with a security guard who attempted to remove him from his seats and escort him from the area. Security was asked to move Oakley because he reportedly yelled at Knicks owner James Dolan repeatedly during a game against the Clippers. Unfortunately for Charles, the incident escalated a lot more than what he may have expected.

Oakley was charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of criminal trespassing.

After the mayhem, he was able to speak on the matter and completely denies any allegations made by Dolan and the Knicks organization. According to Oakley, once Dolan spotted him in the crowd sitting nearby, it only took a few minutes before he was approached by security and told to leave MSG arena.

Reaching plea deal

According to ESPN, Friday, Oakley took a plea deal in court to dismiss all misdemeanor charges filed against him if he can comply with a few stipulations. The former Knick has to stay out of trouble for the next six months and will have to honor a one-year mandatory ban from MSG.

The decision is one that took him six months to finally agree on.

Immediately after the incident in February, Dolan had banned Charles from the arena. However, he decided to lift the ban one week later. Now, it appears he has gone back to his initial decision to keep Oakley away for some time. After the decision was reached in court, Charles' lawyer Alex Spiro, stated that his client will seek civil action against Dolan about the matter, despite the charges being dropped.

Many of his closest friends and media personalities believe that Oakley should not pursue a civil case against Dolan and just leave the situation alone altogether. The accusations from James about Charles having issues with alcohol may be the reason behind Oak wanting to get the last laugh.

Plans moving forward

The relationship between Oakley and the franchise he played ten seasons for was reportedly already not on the best terms prior to the February incident because of Charles' criticism of the team's front office decisions.

The Knicks have not been a playoff team for several years now and everyone who is a fan of the team has demanded that the owner of the team does something about it.

Unfortunately, Oakley's opinions may have made him a target of Dolan on the night of the incident. At the conclusion of his plea agreement, Oakley stated that he accepted the deal to "stop wasting taxpayers money." Whether or not he plans to return to MSG once his year ban is up is unclear, but only time will tell at this point.