Miguel Cabrera was at the center of a brawl between the new york yankees and Detroit Tigers on August 24. USA Today reported. The league may have to take swift action. There are definitely two sides to the issue, but it’s hard to find any baseball fans willing to excuse Cabrera’s actions that ended up escalating an already tense situation between the two teams. The end result is that Cabrera could get suspended from at least several games by Major League Baseball.

The game took a turn when Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer hit Yankees star Gary Sanchez in the top of the fifth inning.

Sanchez had homered off of Fulmer earlier, making it a very suspicious pitch, even if Fulmer did act like he was frustrated that Sanchez had been hit in the waist. It got worse in the bottom of the sixth inning when it appeared that Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle was throwing at Cabrera in retaliation.

What happened between Cabrera and Austin Romine?

Following the pitch that almost hit Miguel Cabrera, a series of events took place that led to the brawl. Yankees catcher Austin Romine faced off with Cabrera, the two exchanged words, Romine took off his mask, Cabrera violently shoved Romine and as Romine was backpedaling Cabrera threw several punches. They fell to the ground together, with Romine getting in a few punches of his own to the side of Cabrera as both teams emptied onto the field.

A lot of additional fighting took place as players came out of the dugouts and bullpens, including Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez trying to punch Miguel Cabrera as the Tigers hitter was pinned to the ground by several people. Several other cheap shots may have been taken by players from both teams, which could also lead to suspensions if the offices of Major League Baseball figure out who threw the punches.

The suspensions are coming from MLB

There are already a lot of MLB rumors about the suspensions that could get handed out for members of the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. The league will likely contact the players involved to hear their side of the story if needed and certainly if any of those players decide to appeal suspensions.

Austin Romine gave an interview where he stated that he felt Miguel Cabrera was looking for a confrontation during his sixth-inning at-bat that may have served as a catalyst to everything.

Meanwhile, on social media, there are a lot of frustrated fans of the New York Yankees who feel that Michael Fulmer instigated everything by throwing at Gary Sanchez and that Fulmer should be suspended longer than any Yankees player. In the heat of a playoff race, though, judgment on both sides appears to be clouded. Was Miguel Cabrera really looking for a fight like a lot of people are claiming? Was he overwhelmed by a down season and the struggles of the Detroit Tigers? Will his suspension from MLB make it even worse for him?