The NFL activist and humanitarian, Colin Kaepernick has made yet another generous contribution to society. Kaepernick donated $34,000 to rapper J Cole’s “Dreamville Foundation.” Just last year, the NFL player made a pledge to donate $100 million to organizations with a focus on fighting racial injustice and oppression. The recent donation helps him towards reaching the goal of his pledge.

Kaepernick donates to J. Cole's Foundation

Kaepernick donated to the non-profit organization as a part of his million dollar pledge. The Dreamville Foundation is a charity dedicated to helping the youth of the rapper's hometown, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The Dreamville Foundation consists of a series of programs aimed at helping youth achieve their dreams. Some of the programs include a “Back to School Supply Giveaway” and an Annual Dreamville Weekend. The Annual Dreamville Weekend provides events to allow Fayetteville’s youth to connect with individuals in the community that may help them achieve their dreams. Kaepernick’s donation to the foundation will help to fund a few of their developing projects.

Kaepernicks million dollar pledge

Since the NFL player’s initial million dollar pledge, he has managed to donate approximately $800,000. Kaepernick’s sheet includes keeping his promise through donating to several organizations. In November of 2016, he donated $25,000 to the Black Youth Project 100 organization.

A month before that, Kaepernick also donated $25,000 to the Silicon Valley Debug, Causa Justa/ Just Cause, Urban Underground, and Mothers Against Police Brutality. It’s safe to say that the NFL activist is making good on his promises.

Kaepernick's unemployed status

Prior to being in the news for his humanitarianism, Kaepernick was making headlines for his silent protest against the national anthem.

Instead of taking a stand with his hand crossed over his heart, he decided to take a knee or completely sit down.

When asked why he refused to stand for the national anthem, he responded, to NFL Media's Steve Wyche, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”.

His silent protest caused quite a bit of controversy and even led some to accuse of him of being “anti-patriotic”.

Though the former San Francisco Fortyniners player has ended his silent protest, it seems as though he is now being blackballed. Many NFL teams have passed up on the offer of signing the Quarterback, leaving the athlete unemployed. With his current unemployed status, many are curious as to how he will complete his million dollar pledge.