The new york yankees brawl with the Detroit Tigers on Thursday (Aug. 24) could yield several suspensions for the teams. The biggest one could come when Major League Baseball studies video of the cowardly actions of catcher Gary Sanchez. It could lead to the Yankees playing without one of their best weapons on offense as the team tries to battle for a spot in the playoffs.

Early in the final game of this series between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers, Gary Sanchez hit a home run off starting pitcher Michael Fulmer. In his next at-bat, Sanchez was hit in the waist by a pitch from Fulmer.

Fulmer seemed to be upset about the pitch and was seen shaking his hand as though he was experiencing numbness. The trainers came out to take a look as Sanchez took first base. Sanchez didn't seem as convinced as he took his base.

The Tigers-Yankees brawl takes place as players lose tempers

Michael Fulmer was able to get out of the fifth inning and the Detroit Tigers then scored three runs in the bottom of the inning to take the lead. It had appeared that tempers on both sides were being kept in check. Nothing happened in the top of the sixth inning, either, but the bottom of the sixth inning was a different story. On the 12th Tigers batter after Gary Sanchez got hit with the pitch, Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle threw a pitch up-and-in to Miguel Cabrera.

Miguel Cabrera and Yankees catcher Austin Romine got into a shouting match that resulted in the players shoving each other and a brawl taking place on the field as the dugouts and bullpens emptied. After Cabrera got tackled to the ground, though, Gary Sanchez came running in from the dugout and punched Cabrera in the head while he was being pinned to the ground by another player.

That cowardly action by Sanchez may end up hurting the Yankees quite a bit.

Sanchez should receive stiff penalty from Major League Baseball

There is a lot of footage that MLB is going to have to review as they decide who instigated this brawl and whether Michael Fulmer, Tommy Kahnle, and Dellin Betances threw at hitters intentionally (Betances hit James McCann in the head with a pitch).

This Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees brawl certainly added a bit of excitement to the television viewing of a lot of baseball fans, but there needs to be some repercussions for what just took place.

The New York Yankees still lead the American League Wild Card race, despite the 10-6 loss to the Detroit Tigers on Thursday. They also have to go up against one of the hottest hitters in baseball when Nelson Cruz comes to town over the weekend. With all that being said, the league shouldn’t go easy on either team that participated in this brawl and a severe punishment needs to be leveled on the young catcher of the Yankees. The behavior of Gary Sanchez was cowardly and should not be tolerated.