LeBron James has been very vocal about his disappointment and frustrations to the Cavaliers organization in the past season.

Feeling that they lacked the firepower to repeat a championship and beat the Golden State Warriors, he asked the front office for moves he thought would help to solve the problem.

In the 2016-2017 NBA season, the Cavs re-signed J.R Smith, traded for Kyle Korver, signed Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut, Derrick Williams while maintaining their Big 3 of Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love.

2016-2017 NBA season has been a disappointment to the Cleveland Cavaliers which is capped off with a 4-1 loss in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors.

The Cleveland Cavaliers has been having a lot of problems this offseason.

Cavs' GM firing

The internal turmoil started when Cavaliers' owner Dan Gilbert decided to part ways with General Manager David Griffin, which started a conflict between the owner and Lebron James.

Because of this firing, the Cavaliers were unable to make big offseason moves. Missing on few notable NBA superstar like Paul George, Jimmy Butler and Gordon Hayward.

The Kyrie Irving "drama"

Then their star Point Guard Kyrie Irving demanded a trade last month, citing Lebron as the main reason for his demand. Irving was very instrumental and was one of the main reasons for their win in the 2016 NBA Finals series, where they came back from a 1-3 deficit to beat the Golden State Warriors 4-3.

If Irving continues to pursue this trade, the move would be a big loss for the Cavs organization.

There have been a lot of rumors this past NBA season that Lebron James would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, which he led to three straight NBA Finals. He is more likely to go to the Los Angeles Lakers if he decides to leave.

After everything that has happened this summer, it seems to appear that Lebron will certainly be leaving Cleveland this summer for the second time. Chris Sheridan of SheridanHoops.com confirmed on August 17, 2017, that a source told him that Lebron James will 100 percent be leaving.

This news is huge for the league, with a number of teams surely looking to land a player of Lebron James' caliber for his services.

Lastly, this season will really be a turning point for the Cleveland Cavaliers' organization. With Kyrie and Lebron looking to move on, it will be interesting what moves the front office will be making this upcoming NBA season.

Lebron James has been to 8 straight NBA Finals with a record of 3-5. He will most certainly look for a team where he can compete and continue his legacy. And if Cleveland fails to give him that team, we are most likely see Lebron in a new jersey playing for a different city.