LeBron James is one of the biggest stars on the planet. He's also an athlete so it would make perfect sense for him to sit ringside to watch Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. wail on each other Saturday night in Las Vegas. He didn't have the best seats in the house, however. He was blocked by another major star, albeit one who doesn't have much athletic acumen to speak of: "Family Feud" host and talk show guru Steve Harvey.

Steve Harvey gets in the way

James is a towering man, one of the biggest and bulkiest forwards to ever play the sport of basketball.

On a good day, he's 6-foot-8, weighing 260 pounds. He is not easily boxed out by any human being. But at the boxing match, photographic evidence emerged of the 6-foot-2 Harvey slightly obscuring the basketball player's view. There was still plenty of room to see, but to people who only saw photographs, it created a hilarious contrast that appeared to show the host standing and blocking James' view entirely.

At the end of the day, they both took in the same fight. It's not like a movie, where all of the action is taking place on a wide screen. McGregor and Mayweather were moving around the ring, meaning Harvey wasn't blocking James for very long unless he was moving around with the fighters.

Still, it would've been funny for the "Family Feud" host to announce the fight like a broadcast of his show, to the adulation of everyone in the crowd except for the basketball player stuck behind him.

James still enjoyed the fight

It would've been impossible for anyone to not know James was at the fight. He posted on Instagram while at the venue.

He posted to Twitter several times. After Mayweather earned the technical knockout in the tenth round, maintaining his unbeaten record, James gave kudos to both Mayweather (for being great) and McGregor (for being bold) on Twitter.

Harvey only posted on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the fight.

It became clear who he was standing up and whooping for, though. After all, he may have shown respect to one fighter, but Harvey only posed for a picture with the winner.

Harvey and James were far from the only celebrities to take in the big fight. Former baseball star Alex Rodriguez and his pop star girlfriend Jennifer Lopez flew to the fight with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Other famous athletes included Jeff Gordon, Mike Tyson, Michael Irvin, and James Harden. Bruce Willis, Jamie Foxx, Chance the Rapper, and Ozzy Osbourne were also among the numerous celebrities in attendance.