Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant shared his thoughts on the NBA trade rumors involving LeBron James after this season. He said that the Cleveland Cavaliers cannot trade a legend.

Reports surfaced about the Cavaliers thinking about trading James but Durant believes the top NBA player has the right to decide how he will leave the team and not the other way around. James has a no-trade clause and he can opt out of his contract with the Cavs by the 2018-19 NBA season.

Durant responds to rapper Lil Dicky

Rapper Lil Dicky took to Twitter on Wednesday that if he was Cleveland Cavaliers, he is going to “one thousand percent trading LeBron.” Durant commented that the trade is not possible because James himself is Cleveland so he “gets to hold the cards,” The Washington Post reported.

According to CBS Sports, the tweets did not end there as the two had more exchanges via the social media platform. Lil Dicky then brought up the issue about James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert since the NBA star left the team to join the Miami Heat. James did say in a statement that he went back to the Cavaliers to lead them to a championship and now that they have won one after 52 years, Lil Dicky believes James should leave the team.

Durant said not all owners are like Gilbert but the rapper tweeted back saying it might not be easy since James has love for the team but his “warranted disdain for ownership is gonna cost them another.” Lil Dicky said the Cavs should do something about it before LeBron does.

The last comment of Durant on the issue stated that last time James left the Cleveland Cavaliers they had three number one picks so the team might be good whether he leaves or the team trades him.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly presuming a future without James, they will still try to persuade him to stay.

Is LeBron really leaving Cavs?

The comments of Lil Dicky came after a former NBA reporter, Chris Sheridan, said that the relationship of James and the owners of the Cavs are beyond repair. According to Bleacher Report, the rumors about James leaving the Cavs have been rampant the whole offseason especially after Kyrie Irving said he wanted to be traded.

Many rumors also surfaced saying that James is eyeing to play for the Los Angeles Lakers by 2018. Do you think he will really transfer to the Lakers after his reported final season with the Cavs? Who do you think was right between Lil Dicky and Kevin Durant? Let us know in the comments below!