The indianapolis colts weren’t supposed to miss a beat when they chose to let Peyton Manning go and replaced him with Andrew Luck. However, Luck has suffered through injuries over his career and the Colts have chosen to let key offensive weapons walk away while not signing anyone worthwhile to take their place. With that said, one Colts offensive player who has proven to be a valuable talent is wide receiver T.Y. Hilton. ESPN reported that NFL Network ranked Hilton as the 12th best receiver in the league and that is pushing T.Y. to prove everyone wrong in 2017.

T.Y. Hilton said that he is just going to go out and play his game and prove to everyone that he deserves respect at the end of the day.

The NFL receiver rankings

In the NFL Network countdown of the top players heading into the 2017 NFL season, T.Y. Hilton finished ranked 61st on the list. With all the players in the NFL that ranked on the list, there were 60 that the experts considered being better than the Indianapolis Colts receiver. There were also 11 wide receivers ranked ahead of T.Y. on the list. Those players included some that seem to be no-brainers.

The wide receivers that obviously rank higher than T.Y. Hilton are All-Pro players like Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Bryant, A.J.

Green, and Dez Bryant. Receivers that could win arguments as being better than the Indianapolis Colts receiver include names like Amari Cooper, Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, and Larry Fitzgerald. Two other names that seem debatable are Tyreek Hill and Jarvis Landry.

The argument for T.Y. Hilton

In the 2016 NFL season, T.Y. Hilton finished with 91 receptions for 1,448 yards and six touchdowns.

Those receiving yards numbers ranked first in the NFL and he also had 66 receptions that resulted in a first down, which ranked second in the NFL in 2016. Hilton ranked 10th for receptions. While many of the receivers on the list had more receptions than Hilton, that yardage total speaks for itself.

T.Y. Hilton took to Twitter and said that he is entering another training camp and there are still people who are disrespecting him and doubting him.

The Indianapolis Colts receiver said that people don’t see him as a Top 5 receiver but he will just leave it at that and prove himself on the field. The Colts want to make it back to the playoffs and they need their wide receiver to really step up again in 2017 for them to make it there. Hilton said that respect for him is not as important as winning again and he will let his stats speak for him.