Wide Receivers are one of the toughest positions to draft. Yes, there are some top quality wide receivers that will give fantasy teams a huge advantage regardless of the scoring system but most receivers are only worthwhile in certain leagues and not in others. If a fantasy league is a points-per-reception (PPR) league, that will make many wide receivers top quality fantasy starters week in and week out. If leagues don’t offer PPR, many receivers are deemed worthless instantly. It is also important to know if a league gives six points for a touchdown or less for receiving.

In the case of these rankings, it is assuming that this year’s Fantasy Football draft is for a league that uses PPR but does not take into account the amount of points for touchdowns.

Here is a look at the 2017 fantasy football draft wide receiver rankings as the NFL training camps are officially underway.

Tier 1: Wide Receiver Rankings

The first tier of 2017 fantasy football draft wide receiver rankings are those players you want to target in the first round of most drafts. There are few receivers in the NFL that are worth a first-round pick but the ones that often outscore most running backs in PPR leagues on a regular basis. Names here include the Pittsburgh Steelers top receiver Antonio Brown and last year’s Super Bowl receiver Julio Jones.

Here is a look at the top choices every team should shoot for if they want a true game breaking receiver.

1. Antonio Brown

2. Julio Jones

3. Odell Beckham Jr.

4. A.J. Green

5. Jordy Nelson

Tier 2: Wide Receiver Rankings

The second tier of 2017 fantasy football draft wide receiver rankings include those remaining players that should be starting for most fantasy teams.

These are receivers who can really make a difference and should go in the first three to five rounds of all drafts. These players will keep a team up and competitive most weeks and are some of the best pass catchers in the NFL.

6. Mike Evans

7. Dez Bryant

8. Michael Thomas

9. T.Y. Hilton

10. Demaryius Thomas

11. Golden Tate


Brandin Cooks

Tier 3: Secondary Wide Receivers

The third tier of 2017 fantasy football draft wide receiver rankings are backups and plug-in starters as well as insurance policies in case of emergencies. These are players you could start but should never be your first option.

13. Amari Cooper

14. DeAndre Hopkins

15. Allen Robinson

16. Doug Baldwin

17. Keenan Allen

18. Julian Edelman

19. Brandon Marshall

20. Jarvis Landry

21. Larry Fitzgerald

22. Alshon Jeffrey

23. Sammy Watkins

24. Davante Adams

Tier 4: Backup Wide Receiver Rankings

Finally, here are wide receivers you should avoid at all costs.

25. Michael Crabtree

26. Martavis Bryant

27. Kelvin Benjamin

28. Pierre Garcon

29. Emmanuel Sanders

30. DeSean Jackson

31. Donte Moncrief

32. Corey Coleman