With Jay Cutler going to the Miami Dolphins, one question comes to mind. Why Cutler and not Colin Kaepernick? There are some easy answers. Cutler and coach Adam Gase have a great relationship, where Gase was his offensive coordinator in 2015. There's the answer to potentially having to change their offense for Kaepernick. These don't sound like answers. They sound like excuses.

Fidel Castro t-shirt

In Miami, where the Cuban population is about 30%, some said that Kaepernick would not be welcome in Miami because he wore a Castro t-shirt. After watching a clip on the Dan Le Batard show, his comments summed up the situation perfectly.

Le Batard is Cuban, and his parents lived in Cuba, so the authenticity of his comments are true. Le Batard couldn't believe that Miami would give $10 million to a quarterback who doesn't seem to care about football in his opinion. He thought that Kaepernick is getting shunned because he opposed the status quo.

Long story short for Le Batard, who has a pretty good idea of the situation in Cuba, to make those comments about Kaepernick should justify that Cutler doesn't care that much. For Le Batard, a guy that had parents growing up in the Castro regime, to say that he would rather have a quarterback that supports a dictator than to have Cutler should show how much passion he believes Cutler has.

Denying the truth

All the NFL teams have their excuses. The fact of the matter is that Kaepernick still does not have a job and the first preseason games start this week. Kaepernick has a career passer rating of 88.9 and is just 29 years old, who will turn 30 in November. Cutler is a 34-year-old quarterback that has a career passer rating of 85.7 that was supposed to retire and start broadcasting.

The Dolphins are another team that avoided Kaepernick because they felt that he opposed the status quo. The NFL makes money off of the status quo and does not want it to change. Kaepernick knew that he would face the consequences for standing up to the NFL. That doesn't mean that the consequence of not playing this year is acceptable.

Signing Cutler was a reach. There is a sensible argument that Cutler is the worst quarterback in the league. If you take is constant throwing mistakes and tie that into his mental weakness, why would Miami want him? I know exactly why they wanted him. Out of choice A and choice B, one of those choices would appeal the fans and owners of the NFL, even though one of those other options would have given the team more wins.