The Miami Dolphins are in discombobulation at the quarterback position after Ryan Tannehill's status. Tannehill could be facing surgery for a torn ACL, and could miss the entire 2017 season. That is the worst Case scenario, so the Dolphins are looking at a backup plan. According to a report from the Miami Herald, head coach Adam Gase has reached out to former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Perfect match

Gase was the offensive coordinator for Cutler in the 2015 season. Cutler threw for 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions while throwing for 3,659 yards.

It was one of the better seasons for Cutler when Gase was calling the plays. The Dolphins were once linked to Colin Kaepernick, but Cutler and Gase have history, so it seems like a better match. Cutler has been reported to saying he would sign with the Dolphins if Miami pays him starting quarterback money. If the Dolphins lose Tannehill, it's possible that Miami could do that. Cutler is allowed to sign with any team since Cutler was cut by the Bears in March.

Unsure of Tannehill's future

Gase admitted to saying he does not know if Tannehill will be able to play this season or not. Tannehill partially tore his ACL in December but did not get surgery. He has been wearing a knee brace all summer.

With Tannehill's future in confusion, the Dolphins could use Matt Moore if Cutler doesn't come to Miami.

Cutler no guarantee

As of now, the Dolphins will prepare to use Moore as their starting quarterback. Cutler was recently hired as a commentator for FOX. However, Cutler said he would delay his broadcasting career if he was paid starting quarterback money.

If the Dolphins can't afford Cutler, then Moore will assume starting responsibilities.

Cutler is 34 years old and has made plenty of money in his career. The idea is that Cutler would only return if the scenario was the best for him. That is why the New York Jets were never a contender since they are set to be in rebuild mode this year.

However, the Dolphins were 10-6 last year. The team has a dynamic receiving corps that is led by Jarvis Landry. The team has Jay Ajayi rushed for 1,272 yards and eight touchdowns.

The Dolphins are poised to make another run at the playoffs. Cutler would slide right in with the weapons to surround him. With Gase at the helm, the Dolphins could have a really great year if they have the quarterback. Tannehill threw for 19 touchdowns and 12 interceptions last year, which are similar numbers to when Cutler was with Gase. Right now, the situation presented is perfect for Cutler.