The Chicago Cubs have been involved in one starting pitcher trade rumor after another this season. Despite the fact that the team has already acquired one starter in the form of Jose Quintana, it appears the team would like to pick up another one for the stretch run/playoffs. With Jon Lester currently on the DL and John Lackey having a rather inconsistent 2017, Chicago is looking for someone they could give the ball to in potential game 4s or even potential game 3s if it's the right pitcher.

One former Cub who has popped up in recent rumors is current San Francisco Giants starter Jeff Samardzija.

Better known as Shark, he was once considered an up and coming prospect under Jim Hendry. When he finally did get to the bigs and into the rotation, he toiled on the beginning of the Theo Epstein Cubs' squad that was among the worst in baseball. He was traded to the Oakland A's as Epstein and general manager Jed Hoyer rebuilt the team into eventual World Series champions.

So could Shark be making a return to the Windy City before the calendar turns to September? It's not out of the question.

Chicago Cubs seem determined to add more pitching

Jon Heyman was the man who broke the news that Shark cleared revocable waivers. This means that despite the fact that the July trade deadline has come and gone, he can still be traded.

To be clear, no team appears to be a front runner to acquire him at this point. The chances of him being traded at all appear to be "unclear."

What is clear is that Chicago would like to add another arm to the rotation, if the price is right. Epstein and Hoyer have flirted with the Detroit Tigers for the better part of the summer in order to get Justin Verlander.

In the end, it appears the Tigers' asking price was too big. Would the Giants be willing to let Shark go for a song?

Samardzija would allow a trade to the Chicago Cubs

While it's unclear whether or not the two teams are anywhere close to working out a deal, it's also clear Shark wouldn't be totally opposed to a return to his old team.

As part of his free agent contract with the Giants, Shark has a limited no trade clause. Reportedly there are eight teams on the list of franchises he would be willing to move to.

That list includes the Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, Angels, Nats, A’s, Red Sox, and the Chicago Cubs. If the trade is done, it's going to have to be in the next few days. If a trade goes down after September 1, the team that acquires the player is not allowed to put him on their playoff roster.