Will he or won’t he play in 2017? That is the question many NFL fans are wondering about arguably one of the most controversial free agents in NFL history, quarterback Colin Kaepernick. With some quarterbacks suffering injuries over the past week and a half, Kaepernick’s name is once again being brought up as a possible addition to several teams as the regular season approaches.

Eagles, Broncos interested in Kaepernick?

The Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos may soon be in the market for a quarterback, so the big question is whether or not either one of them will bring in Colin Kaepernick for a tryout.

According to a CBS local report out of Philadelphia, speculation has begun about a possible QB signing due to a shoulder injury suffered by backup QB Nick Foles. Foles has yet to play a down in the preseason.

Kaepernick is also once again being linked to the Denver Broncos. In case fans forgot, before the 2016 season began, the Broncos were rumored to be very interested in the former 49ers signal caller - so much so that they met with him twice. However, at that time, it seemed Kaepernick wasn’t willing to take a pay cut, and no deal was struck. The Broncos went on to take Paxton Lynch in the 2016 NFL Draft, nixing any deal that could have brought Kaepernick to the Mile High City.

With reports that Lynch will be out for at least the first two games of the 2017 regular season due to a shoulder injury, many are wondering if Kaepernick could end up in Denver after all.

Politics aside, money and performance are big factors

While many believe that Kaepernick is the most talented quarterback still sitting on the sidelines waiting for a job, are teams really holding out due to Kap’s political views, or is it more his recent play over the past two seasons? Add to that the fact that he was due to make nearly $15 million in 2017 before he opted out his deal with the 49ers, and you have the perfect storm of reasons why teams may be leery of signing him.

Former Eagles tailback LeSean McCoy believes that Kaepernick remains unsigned more so because of his ability as a quarterback. McCoy said he personally believes that “It’s a lot more than just…..the national anthem,” McCoy said. “ I think also it has a lot to do with his play.”

McCoy could be right. Forget about Kaepernick’s sitting for the National Anthem just for one moment.

The truth is that Kaepernick’s play hasn’t been the same since Jim Harbaugh left San Francisco. Kaepernick was 25-12 as a starter when Harbaugh was the head coach in San Francisco. Kap's record after Harbaugh was let go by the Niners was 3-16 over a two year period. The relationship between Harbaugh and Kaepernick was special - so much so, that many NFL experts believe Harbaugh leaving had a huge impact on the young QB.

Is it possible that Kaepernick could regain that 2013 and 2014 magic? It is sports, so anything is possible. In fairness to Kaepernick's final season in San Francisco, he did play somewhat well, considering he did not have much talent around him to work with. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if the Broncos, Eagles, or any other team takes a chance on him this fall. I believe someone will sign Kaepernick before all is said and done.