The Cleveland Cavaliers seems to have finally softened its stance about trading Kyrie Irving. They are now open to the idea of trading their four-time All-Star point guard in return for long-term assets as replacements.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Cavs showed interest in Kristaps Porzingis, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, or Josh Jackson plus future draft picks. As per Woj’s sources, LeBron James opting out of his contract to become a free agent again next year is the reason they want these young players. Incidentally, Kyrie’s reason why he asked to be traded out of Cleveland was also LeBron.

Cavs: No to short-term deal

Though the Boston Celtics did not make a serious trade offer to get Kyrie, league sources reveal that they are willing to give up Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder for the 25-year-old, 6’3” point guard. But the Cavs don’t want to entertain short-term deal ideas. While Crowder currently has three years left on his contract, Thomas becomes a free agent next year.

The Cavaliers wants to secure the future of their franchise and this will only happen if the Celtics deal Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, possibly additional draft pick/s. According to the report, the Cavs have shown special interest in Tatum. However, the two teams haven’t met yet to discuss any possible trade deals.

The name of Kristaps Porzingis also surfaced as the Cavaliers’ replacement for Kyrie. But for this to happen, the Cavs must carry the burden of Joakim Noah’s three-year contract worth $55 million, according to league sources.

The Milwaukee Bucks are also interested to bid; however, they won’t let go of the one player the Cavaliers wanted -- Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The Phoenix Suns also have the same predicament; they won't let go of Devin Booker and Josh Jackson.

Kyrie will sign extension with Spurs, 'IF'

The San Antonio Spurs’ offer gives “legitimate win-now deal possibilities” even though it does not include Kawhi Leonard. The Spurs are reportedly willing to give up LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green for Kyrie.

The problem is that both Aldridge and Green have player options next year.

League sources suggest the Spurs are also willing to give up Tony Parker to sweeten the deal. However, Parker cannot play until January when he has fully recovered from his left quadriceps injury. Plus, he also becomes a free agent next year.

But if the trade between Cleveland and San Antonio pushes through, reports suggest that Kyrie is willing to commit to an extension with the Spurs. But that’s a big “If.”