When the Cleveland Browns traded for Brock Osweiler in the offseason, the team was more interested in the NFL Draft picks that the Houston Texans included in the trade. Houston wanted to rid the franchise of Osweiler's contract so bad that they threw in picks that the Browns used to pull off a very nice 2017 Nfl Draft. However, now that training camp is starting, it looks like Brock might be a nice addition as well.

Brock Osweiler proving his worth

When Brock Osweiler was traded to the Cleveland Browns, most experts thought the Browns would waive the quarterback and move on.

When Osweiler was with the Denver Broncos, he was supposed to be their future franchise quarterback, taking over when Peyton Manning retired. However, after winning a number of games for Denver as they raced to the Super Bowl, Denver replaced him with Manning in the playoffs and he watched from the bench.

When Peyton Manning retired, it just so happened that Brock Osweiler had reached the end of his contract. Still stinging from the benching, Brock chose to leave the Denver Broncos without a starting quarterback and signed a big deal to join the Houston Texans. He lost his job in Houston due to poor play and the team dumped him with the Cleveland Browns.

However, the Cleveland Browns front office met Brock Osweiler and seemed to like what they saw.

The Browns chose to let Brock stick around and compete for the starting job. They also brought back last year's starter Cody Kessler and drafted DeShone Kizer in the 2017 NFL Draft. Also on board is Kevin Hogan.

Browns quarterback battle

ESPN reported that, after the first week of NFL training camp, it was Brock Osweiler who saw his stock rising while both Cody Kessler and DeShone Kizer struggled.

Osweiler looked comfortable, which makes sense due to his history as a starter in the NFL. On the other hand, Kessler has looked very uncomfortable in the Cleveland Browns offense this training camp, which is damaging since he played for the Browns in 2016.

ESPN reports that there is a chance that Brock Osweiler will get the first chance to play with the Cleveland Browns first-team players based on his performance in training camp compared to Cody Kessler.

With Kessler playing poorly in practice, there is a chance he could drop to third string if DeShone Kizer starts to show improvement.

DeShone Kizer was a second round pick for the Cleveland Browns this year. However, Kizer is a rookie and has a lot to learn. The fate of Cody Kessler might have more to do with Kevin Hogan. If Hogan proves to be a reliable backup, and Brock Osweiler wins the starting job, Kessler might end up out of a job.