The Browns are looking towards the future after having a great NFL Draft, selecting star talent in Myles Garrett and Jabril Peppers. Another move towards the future is when head coach Hue Jackson named rookie Deshone Kizer the starter for week one of the regular season.

On Wednesday morning they made another surprising move, releasing CB Joe Haden. Haden spent his whole career in Cleveland, but the Browns didn't feel as though his production matched the paycheck they were handing the two-time pro-bowler.

Steady Decline

There was a point in Haden's career where he was considered one of the best corners in college football.

His pure athleticism and great man-to-man defense allowed him to flourish in Cleveland, one of the few bright spots the Browns have seen since they returned to the NFL in 1999. Unfortunately, Haden has dealt with many injuries and couldn't find his groove after recovering from those injuries. Haden missed 11 games in the 2015 season and he missed 3 games in the 2016 season. Haden's production has declined the last two seasons and the Browns noticed that and felt as though he wasn't the same lockdown corner as he once was.

The Browns were set to pay Haden $11.1 million this season after signing him to a five-year contract extension in May 2014. The Browns weren't trying to pay him that much many for his lack of production.

The Browns talked to Haden about taking a pay cut, but he didn't agree to it. The Browns tried getting something in return for him through trades but were unable to find a partner. Cleveland decided to cut the corner and it will cost the $3.2 million in cap space this season and the following season. The Browns weren't able to meet in the middle with Haden so deciding to cut him was the best option for both parties.

One player, a lot of teams

When Joe Haden is healthy, he is easily one of the best corners in the game. Lots of teams are in need of a solid corner like Haden, who can sign with whoever he wants once the clock hits 4 p.m. Wednesday. Some of the teams interested are the Saints, Chiefs, and Steelers. There were murmurs about the Cowboys showing some interest in Haden, but concerns about his health and the money it will take them to sign him have them hesitant.

His agent, Drew Rosenhaus feels confident that Haden will find a new team saying to ESPN's Adam Schefter "He will have a new deal with a new team by tomorrow afternoon."

Joe Haden has the freedom to choose where he wants to play. Will he choose a contender team for a lower price, or will he play with a bottom tier team, but have a huge payday? Could Haden possibly find the perfect storm and get a huge payday and finally play for a team that can make a playoff push? We should expect these answers to be answered shortly, as teams are lined up at the door asking for Haden's services.