People know Beyonce is from Houston, and she loves Basketball. It was recently announced that the Grammy Award winner is interested in investing in the Houston Rockets, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The Rockets

Leslie Alexander has been the owner of the Rockets ever since he paid $85 million for the team in July of 1993. Today, the team is valued at $1.65 billion and could be sold for up to $2 billion, according to Forbes. That's more than 18 times the amount Alexander initially paid for it. The 73-year-old owner said last month that he is selling the team which surprised many who didn't expect it.

He wants to make a change in his life.

It is not unusual for celebrities to invest in a sports team. There are plenty of them who have invested a small amount into a team. For example, Beyonce's own husband, JAY-Z once had a one percent stake in the Nets. He sold his share when he started Roc Nation Sports, an agency that represents sports figures.

There is a long list of celebrities who own a portion of a sports team. Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks. Justin Timberlake owns a percentage of the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team and Usher owns part of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. Jennifer Lopez, along with the Venus and Serena Williams, have pieces of the Miami Dolphins football team.

Actor Will Ferrell invested in Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Football Club.

So far, no one from the Rockets has addressed Beyonce's interest in the team and neither has Beyonce's publicist. Even though the singer is one of the most famous people in the world, there are two reasons she might not be able to get a deal on her own.

That's because her net worth doesn't come close to being enough to buy the Rockets. Forbes says her net worth is $350 million and JAY-Z is worth $810 million.

The other hurdle is that her husband won't be able to go into the deal with her. Remember, he was forced to sell his own share in the Nets once he started Roc Nation because it would be a conflict of interest.

However, she can go into a deal with other investors.

Global interest

After Alexander's decision to sell the Rockets, there has been a great interest from around the world. It appears that Beyonce is not the only one interested in having a stake in the Houston Rockets. Time will tell if she gets a piece of the basketball team. If she does get the deal, it is believed that she will know how to promote her hometown team. She has always been seen performing in a Rockets jersey.